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Most of us grew up using vaseline for something. Applying it on our faces, body, hands, feet as a beauty remedy for years. It's interesting that many pediatricians still recommended vaseline to their new moms despite the fact it is made with mineral oil. Well, we got your back with our new Pure Relief moisturizer. We wanted to share with you an alternative option and give you the skinny on the inspiration behind this product.

One of my fondest memories is my mom lathering up my nephew's face with vaseline before he went outside. I didn't suffer the same fate growing up in Southern Cali. He looked like a little butterball with his cute cheeks shimmering in the winter's sun. We didn't know any better and it was a staple in our household. Fast forward to 2019. I was taking my newborn to the pediatrician for his baby wellness check and he was suffering from baby eczema on his face. I asked what should we do for this and the doctor said vaseline. My mouth dropped open and aI sked why she recommended such a product. She said, "It has the simplest list of ingredients." 


Two things stemmed from this conversation. An idea for a new product and the biggest refusal ever that my son would ever have vaseline touch his skin. I immediately started researching what type of ingredients I trusted to put on my son's skin with biggest benefits. I finally came up with a combination that is 100% organic without any coloring or fragrance. This formula is even without any essential oils. The recipe is pure. And it gives relief to anyone who uses almost instantly (hence the name).

Even though this product was created for my son, I saw the benefits for the hands and feet. Especially, those who are non-stop washing their hands due to the pandemic. Since launching Pure Relief, it has helped numerous customers that have trusted this product to help their teenager's acne, baby butt rash, baby eczema, dry hands and skin irritations. Say so long to vaseline and make Pure Relief Moisturizer your household staple. 

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