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Most of us have heard of the double cleanse, which is a method of removing makeup or thoroughly washing our faces. Well, this same mindset should be applied to your hands and feet when it comes to moisturization. Keep reading ro find out our suggestions for best practices.

Step #1

Cleanse feet in shower, bath or a foot soaking.

It is important to make sure you keep your feet or hands are clean and allow them to still be damp when applying your moisturizer.

Step #2

Apply your first layer if moisturization, which we recommend an oil. It will soak in quick and get the job done.

Step #3

Apply a thick butter or cream. Preferably add one without water being the first ingredient. You want a cream that is potent and concentrate as to seal in all that hydration. This will keep your hands and/or feet moisturized longer. 

Step #4 (optional)

Apply socks or gloves to allow the products to really penetrate your skin.

A quick recap, to use the double moisturize method, simply apply two different forms of moisturization to your hands or feet. This means an oil and cream, a cream and butter, or an oil and butter. For more tips, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

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