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Naturally London®️

FOUNDER | Chrissy Cabrera

Naturally London believes wellness is rooted in our feet. They are a health & wellness company creating sustainable, quality-crafted foot care. Their results-driven, plant-based formulations are crafted to maintain healthy feet.

They use intentional ingredients with award-winning aromas in our collection of foot care to maintain your proper foot & hand health. Each product is created with multi-purpose intention.

There three pillars of Naturally London: Results-driven Formulas | Consciously crafted in the USA | Clean & Green Practices

Naturally London is a veteran-owned, black-owned, and women-owned business.

With the health of your feet directly relating to your heart health, we will continue to educate all of our customers on how wholeness is rooted in our feet and impacts our overall vitality.

We will be a world-class health & wellness company for Spas providing sustainable, quality-crafted foot care for North America.

We will provide sustainable, results-driven products and services to our valued customers.

We will continue to cultivate a learning-focused, efficient, and inclusive environment for our team with wholeness at the forefront.

Chrissy Cabrera has a Master of Arts in International Relations, is a certified aromatherapist, and the founder of Naturally London. She believes wholeness is rooted in our feet. This inspired her to establish Naturally London, a health & wellness company creating sustainable, quality-crafted foot and hand care. Her results-driven, earth-based formulations have won nine beauty awards and made with love in Laurel, Maryland.

Chrissy named her business after her inspiration, her daughter London. She created Naturally London out of necessity. She used to suffer from severe swelling and pain in my feet. Daily foot soaks with early recipes of her current foot soaks eased her stretched and puffy skin. Chrissy believes "Healthy feet should be our #1 priority, since our whole body wellness or wholeness stems from our feet."

Chrissy's quality-crafteed collection of essentials provide soothing foot wellness practices. Her expertise has been featured in numerous articles. To view some of her features:

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