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Is it just us or are your toes frightened of going to the nail salon these days? You simply don't know what's awaiting your feet. Well, we are going to share with you some feet saving tips and things to avoid when going to the nail salon.

Before we move on to the good stuff, let's break down your skin. Our skin is responsible for protection, regulation and sensation. It's our first line of defense and allows our bodies to maintain homeostasis and ward of harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites. If our first line of defense is breached it leaves us vulnerable.

1. SPEAK UP: Do not be afraid to decline certain services or "perks". It may not save you money, but it will save you headache. Or should we say save your feet, skin, toenails from future issues. For example, opt for no jets, take your own polish and/or bring your own tools.

2. NO CUTTING, JUST PUSH BACK: If you don't know what we are referring to, we are not talking about standing in lines. We are talking about cuticles. This includes overgrown cuticles. There are great natural cuticle removers or simply use oil. When you cut your cuticles you are providing an entrance for bacteria and viruses to enter the body. Also, you are prone to hang nails. The next time you go to your nail salon, speak up and tell them not to cut your cuticles.

3. TAKE THE PARTY WITH YOU: There has been an increase in Organic, Natural nail salons that use eco-friendly processes and non-toxic products. However, for the ones that have not caught on with all the products with villain ingredients. Don't be afraid to take your own products (foot soaks, foot scrubs, foot masques and creams.) This way you know exactly what they are putting on your feet and lower legs. Bright blue tablets and fluorescent orange scrubs should be a concern.

4. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOWL: If you don't want to risk infection of bacteria and fungus, simply opt for a waterless pedicure. These type of nail salons are becoming more and more popular. Waterless pedicures cut down on water usage, helps your nail polish last longer and when paired with other proper practices, reduces the chances of infection. A proper cleansing spray is key to sanitizingoo your feet. Try our Purifying Elixir to cleanse your toes before your pedicures, which pairs superstar ingredients like Oregano extract and Tea tree.

5. DON'T MAKE A SALAD: Now that you are speaking up... Say no to the cheese graters and potato peeler tools that are still being used at nail salons. We would love to think all salons do proper sanitation practices, but sadly this is not our reality. These tools are great for passing along unwanted surprises.

But here is the most important reason why you should not use these tools... listen closely. When we drastically and instantly remove layers and layers of skin, it sends a red flag to our first line of defense (our skin, which is an organ). This skin grows back quick and thicker to "protect" us, called thickened skin response, which sounds a little counterproductive.

A gentle and realistic exfoliation is all we need to keep our skin soft and happy. Your feet did not get in the condition they are in overnight, therefore have realistic expectations and be kind to your feet. Combining a foot soak, dual-sided foot file, with a polish or scrub is plenty of exfoliation.

These tips and tricks will keep you smiling and your feet happy as well. We love to give you alternative ways to care for your feet. Be sure to take an active roll in your foot care.

Ready to get started with low-effort,spa-grade foot care, click here.

Remember, happy feet...happy life.

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