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Meet the Founder

Hey, I'm Chris!

I am a Certifed Aromatherapist and the Mastermind behind all of this foot care mania. I created Naturally London in order to maintain my own foot health. I have always had issues with my feet like flat feet pain, calluses and swelling.

Naturally London products are all formulated with multi-purpose benefits for busy women like myself. Plus, our products provide results for those who are tired of being disappointed with their pedicure experiences. Overall foot health is important, because when our feet feel good...We feel good. I would never in a million years think I would have my own handcrafted, botanical-based foot care line, but it embodies all the things I value in clean beauty products. I value thing like no artificial colors, no synthetic fragrances and no fillers like water or mineral oil.

"I wanted to create a beneficial foot care regimen that was easy-to-use, multi-purpose, but most importantly a solution to maintain foot health."

I combined my love for clean beauty with key recipes designed to soften skin, smooth rough heels, target calluses, reduce swelling & pain, address the discomfort of high heels and many more common issues I personally experience each day.
Which is why our motto is "Happy feet. Happy life."

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