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It's travel season. Do you know what #1 concern during traveling? Yes, you guess it! The correct answer is swollen feet. Here are a few causes, to prevent the condition, and remedies if you are currently dealing with swelling.

Some causes:
• Prolonged Sitting or Standing: Long periods of inactivity during travel can cause fluid buildup in the feet and ankles, leading to swelling.

• Dehydration: Not drinking enough water can lead to fluid retention and swelling in the feet.

• Tight Footwear: Tight or improperly fitted shoes can exacerbate swelling, especially during travel.

Ways to prevent:
• Hydration: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and help reduce fluid retention.

• Compression Socks: Wear compression socks during flights or long car rides to help prevent swelling.

• Comfortable Footwear: Choose well-fitted, comfortable shoes with good support to avoid unnecessary compression.

Ways to get relief:
Foot Soaking:

• Cool Pool Dip: Whenever possible, take breaks during your travel to dip your feet in a cool pool or any available water source. This helps reduce swelling and provides immediate relief.

• Foot Soak Kits: Bring along a portable foot soak kit with Epsom salts, baking soda, and essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus. Use this during hotel stays or rest stops.

Foot Massage:

• Use a small, portable foot roller or massage ball to gently roll under your feet, promoting circulation and reducing swelling.

• Consider carrying a travel-sized foot massage device that uses vibration or compression for a quick relief session.

Elevation and Movement:

• Elevate your feet whenever possible to reduce swelling. Use a small travel pillow or any available support to keep your feet elevated while resting.

• Incorporate simple foot and ankle exercises during long periods of sitting. Flex and point your toes, make circular motions with your ankles, and take short walks whenever possible.

We completely understand the pain and discomfort that swelling can cause and no kne desires this when travelling. That's why Naturally London focuses on relieving foot stresses such as swelling with our foot stresscare products.

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