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Nothing is more frustrating than trying to cool down when it is super hot outside. There are things to be done like tending to the yard, playing with your kids, recovering from a workout, or simply taking a stroll around the neighborhood to walk your dog. 

This time of year the weather can be daunting. The fastest way to cool down physiologically is to soak your feet. Did you know our feet are a cooling spot on your body?

A cooling spot are ways you can rapidly bring down your body's temperature. Most common spots are your neck and wrist. However, the best way to reduce your body's core body temperature is via your feet. A cold foot soak has many benefits and cooling you down is one of them.

Pair your glass of ice tea with a cold soak. This is a great summer ritual to add to your daily or weekly practice. 

Always moisturize your feet after soaking cold or hot. Need some items? We have a lovely range of moisturizers no matter the time of year.
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