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moisturizing foot polish
moisturizing foot polish
moisturizing foot polish

moisturizing foot polish

$ 20.00

Buff away dead skin and rough spots with our salt-based polish. The best exfoliant for your feet is salt versus sugar.

  • Bolivian Rose salt and Black Peppercorn reveal a smooth new layer of skin
  • Rinse away the grit leaving your skin drench with moisture and uber soft
  • This product was created out of a mistake. It was the best mistake ever! We were trying to create a bright pink foot butter with no artificial colors. In our first attempt we noticed these little red dots sprinkled throughout. This was no bueno and immediately was scrapped. It was put in the "scrap bowl", which ironically had some salt in it. And boom! Curiosity of blending happened, which explains why our polish has a beautiful pink hue.

DIRECTIONS: Apply a quarter amount in hands and apply to foot in circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with water. Pat dry. Repeat for other foot. Caution: May cause some surfaces to become slick.

SIZES: 4oz


    Avocado Butter: Effectively hydrates dry skin deeply penetrating to restore nutrients. Increase blood circulation. It is easily absorbed by the skin and helps maintain water in the skin. 

    Bolivian Rose Salt: Rich in minerals. Excellent exfoliant that hydrates and purifies the skin.