Lemon Ginger Foot Butter

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Our nourishing butter is packed with essential fatty acids boosting moisture in skin and creating a healthy skin barrier. Calm dry & itchy skin on your feet, ankles and legs. Refreshing lemon with notes of ginger calm your hardworking feet, soaks in quickly and is non-greasy.

Heat Sensitive: We do not ship this product during June, July or August.


How to Use

On damp skin, massage a pea size amount onto each foot. A little goes a long way and does not leave an oil residue. For best results: Use after soaking feet.

Additional Uses from Customers: Used on hair to tame fly aways, Hand cream


Avocado butter, Cupuacu butter, Mango butter, Caprylic triglycerides, *Jojoba oil, *Aloe vera juice, *Glycerin, **Tocopherol, *Lemon essential oil, Ginger essential oil, *Rosehip seed oil *Certified organic **Non-gmo



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Lemon Ginger Foot Butter

Lemon Ginger Foot Butter

$ 27.00

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