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It’s been some time since our Natural Beauty Regimen transition in all things skincare & beauty. We wanted to give an update and share some of our favorite brands discovered along the way. With this said, we have discovered some brands mainstream and perhaps a few under your radar that have the most amazing products. We are going to spell it right out for you …the best brands from A to Z.

Anthropologie: It’s time to pamper your skin and indulge in a heavenly milk bath.  If you love chamomile and coconut milk, then Leif Milk Bath is a great end to a busy Monday night.
Board & Batten: If you haven’t tried their Calming Lift Facial Mist, you are missing out. It smells like roses and is perfect for setting your makeup.
Coola: There are only a few natural sunscreens we love and Coola Mineral Face SPF Unscented is one of them!
Dr. Lipp: One of the best overnight lip balms ever! Put this on before sleeping and wake up to super supple moisturized lips.
EvoraPro Probiotics: This letter has a tie. The reason why is because natural teeth whiteners that work is very important. This process does take 30 days, but your teeth will whiten and while keeping your breath fresh. Want more info?
Ella + Mila: We love this 5 FREE brand of nail polish because it goes on smooth and thick, plus is doesn’t chip. There are a few more that we love. Find out which ones…
Foxie Bombs: We all know and love LUSH, but what if there was a similar brand that is even more natural? Enters Foxie Bombs… They specialize in pampering your body and taming your body’s aches & pains. Do you want to try some Red Velvet or Rose & Coconut Milk? We are not referencing food, but their unique & vegan friendly combinations.
Grown Alchemist: The power of botanicals at your finger tips with this edgy brand. Our fav is the Blemish Treatment Gel, which is a powerhouse to reduce the size of poors, soothe & calm your skin and help with redness (inflammation) of your breakout.
Herbivore Botanicals: Along with the beautiful packaging and eyecandy Instagram pics, we adore the Coco Rose Body Polish and the Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask.
Ilia Beauty: Sometimes it is hard to pinpoint just one item when a brand has so many you love. We are super excited about the Age of Consent Silken Shadow Stick, which allows for easy application. We love the subtle sexy hues that are buildable for day or night.
Juice Beauty: It has been a challenge finding a natural eye pencil that will not smudge, and yet give intense pigmentation. So far our favorite is the Phyto Pigments Precision Eye Pencil.
Kjaer Weiss: Ok, so we were trying to hard to find a natural foundation that knocked our socks off… DING DING DING! We have a winner! This organic makeup is smooth, creamy and makes your skin look flawless. We have a few other gamechangers up our sleeve….check them out!
London’s Pedisoaks: Your feet should be in your skincare regiment too. Many of us neglect our tootsies. For quick pick me up, simple do a soak that exfoliates and moisturizes all in one. LP’s Pedisoak Bundle is a mini spa delivered to your doorstep.
Moody Sisters: Talk about a hidden gem, this brand has tons of products to “Rock Your Moody Skin”, but our hands down favorites are the Feminine Cleansing Wash, Lib Scrub and Rejuvenating Facial Scrub in Blueberry Lime.
Nude Skincare: We all know the secret of using coconut oil to remove your makeup, but if you want to combine cleansing and removal, check out the Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly. Plus, they have ProGenius Rescue Oil that is skin quenching with precious oils like Rose Hip Seed oil.
Oui Shave: Even though we are major fans of One Love Organics, we wanted to introduce this all natural shaving company for women. They have beautifully crafted razors, but the shave oils are wonderful! The fact you don’t have to wash off your legs…Brilliant!
Pacifica Beauty: Finding the perfect natural mascara can be tricky. Some of the smudge off onto your foundation. We have successfully found two amazing mascara (the other being Kjaer Weiss). We adore the bright and fun colors. Our favorite shade is Aquarian Gaze.
Qhemet Biologics: Most of us are in love with the lather provided by sulfates in shampoos. If you haven’t tried the Egyptian Wheatgrass Cleansing Tea, it is one for your beauty arsenal. It has a clarifying effect, which is excellent for all hair types.
Raw Element Sunscreen: The unscented sunblock is the only Non GMO brand on the market. We love how easy the sunblock absorbs into the skin.
Shamanuti: We have another tie, because  both of these brands have taken our skin to the next level.  We are constantly talking about facial masques and we have found an excellent one. We loooooove the Pumpkin Enzyme mask and Chamomile & Cucumber Eye Gel. Find out more about this product…
Shea Moisture: This brand may primarily be known for its hair care products, but we are here to tell you about the superb body & face soaps. The Shea Butter soap will transform your skin. It doesn’t matter if you have oil, dry and combination skin.
TonyMoly Sheet Masks: Sheet Masks are all the rave these days! Our favorite is the I’m Real Lemon Mask Sheet – Brightening. They have over 10 different type of sheet masks for different focuses all powered by the energy of nature.
Uma Oils: We have big advocates for using facial oils to get the best results in your skincare. Uma Oils are premium blends from organic and vegan sources. Definitely try the Ultimate Brightening Face Oil.
Vapour Organic Beauty: This brand has sass. We love how they showcase the conventional brand swaps and their natural substitute. Who doesn’t love a multi-use product. Cheeks, eyes and lips are all covered by using Vapour Beauty’s Aura Multi Use Stain.
W3ll People: Another nice foundation is by this brand. We use their Narcissist Foundation Stick as a highlighter, because it reflects light like no body’s business.
X 100% Natural: Ok, so don’t judge… We didn’t have a company for this letter, but wanted to inform you of this beauty brand. 100% Natural is just that and has some products that may make your skin smile. We are highlighting their Luminous Primer fused with ingredients like aloe, honeysuckle and green tea.
Yes to Carrots: We have been a long time fan of this brand, prior to even transitioning to being Natural. We love the Yes to Cucumbers Facial wipes, which are perfect for travel and removing makeup. Also, we love the Yes to Blueberry Eye Firming Treatment. Try their Sheet masks too!
Zoe Organics: There are many different elements to this brand from baby care products to bug repellent. We love how this natural bug repellent provides protection and is not harmful to your skin.

See, skincare can be as easy as ABC…123. There are other brands that can easily be plugged in, but we selected our favorite brands for the specific letter. What do you think of our list? Have you tried most of these brands? Let us know what you think. We have to do an honorable mention for those looking for great lipstick brands. We are big fans of Bite Beauty and The Lip Bar, because of their bold & passionate colors.

Thanks for your continued support!

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