Exfoliation is important because it removes layers of deadskin, smooths skin of your hands & feet allowing for moisturizers to penetrate deeper. We are going to share with you three techniques on how to exfoliate your feet. The great thing about these techniques is you can simply do one or combine all to get varying results.


1. Dry pumice: If done correctly, dry filing your feet can do wonders with smooth and removing dead skin. Prior to wetting the feet dry file using a grit of at least 100. Target all of the concern areas such as heels and big toe. Then make sure to go back over the entire surface to smooth it out via a finer grit of 180.

2. Foot scrub: It is up to you if you want to exfoliate before or after wetting your feet. Be sure to use an exfoliant with some gusto, because our feet have thicker skin. Sugar scrubs typically don't do the trick, which is why we prefer a salt scrub. Also, our scrub includes ground pumice to really remove the dead skin.

3. Soaking: A excellent relaxing way to rid your feet of dry skin. A good foot soak will have dead skin sloughing off without the use of a pumice. Soak your feet for atleast 15 minutes with Himalayan salt, Epsom or Dead Sea salt.

No matter what method you use, we recommend moisturizing your feet after your have soaked or rinsed them to seal in moisture. Moisturization is key for soft feet.

Expert tip: You may be tempted to do an extreme exfoliation of your feet with a fruit acid exfoliation mask for your feet. But, keep in mind your feet will peel for seven days or more and this extreme peeling can be shocking to your skin. Plus, you feet may experience blisters and pain for becoming sensitive due to excess skin loss. You feet didn't become rough or callused over night, so the removal is best done slowly and safely.

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