Do you clean your feet? Surprisingly, many people do not take their foot health into concern. One way to keep our feet healthy is by properly cleansing them. We want to share a few ways to cleanse your feet.

SOAPSY DAISY: This is how most of us wash our feet. Either using our body wash or foot soap to cleanse the feet. Be sure to take the extra few seconds to physically scrub your feet.

SALT, SALT,  BABY: Salt believe it or not is a purifier.  It is a cleanser and an excellent exfoliant. A simple 10-15 minute foot soak with a tablespoon of salt (such as Dead Sea, Himalayan or Bolivian Rose salt) will cleanse your feet.  Epsom salt is not actually a salt, which is what most people use for foot soaks. 
CLAY ALL DAY: Did you know that clays cleanse the skin as well.  They may not lather like soap,  but they are just as effective.  Clay cleansers remove impurities, detoxify the skin.  It's a gentle cleanser that softens the skin. 

SPRAY ON,  SPRAY OFF: Another option is a cleansing or disinfecting spray. Just a few spritz on your footsies will cleanse them of bacteria, fungus and/or odor. A spray is typically used for waterless pedicures. 

Which method best suits your needs?  Are you a soaker or a spritzer?  Do you fancy a good lather or does the use of a clay cleanser spark interest? No matter which cleansing method you choose,  we are happy you are taking good care of your feet.  

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