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Find out the reasons why London's Pedisoaks products and other natural beauty products cost different than conventional products.  We are going to share the top reasons why our products cost just a bit more than our competitors. It may seem like you are breaking the bank, but let's dive in and break down quality versus the quantity.

Occasionally, we are asked by our customers, why should they pay for our products when they can get other items so much cheaper. We try to inform them of the many differences and figured it would be an excellent way to educate others. To us, the answers are fairly simple. Let's get started... Here are a few practical reasons why our products cost more than our competitors.

  1. THE FIRST IS MOST IMPORTANT. The first ingredient has the highest potency. If you look in the ingredients section of many skincare, body care or feet care products the first ingredient typically says water. It comes in different forms such as aqua, distilled water, ionized water, etc. If water is listed first, you are buying mainly water. When it comes to moisturizers having water as the main ingredient is concerning, because it tricks you skin into thinking it moisturized only to be absorbed leaving your skin feeling dry. Our first ingredients is never water, which is why our butters, salves and serums nourish and hydrate your skin.
  2. SMALL YET STRONG. We are a small business and due this simple factor our bulk purchases are much smaller than the big players in the beauty field. The more you buy the cheaper the ingredient, which can result in lower prices.
  3. MADE FRESH IN AMERICA. We are an American-based business manufacturing in America. We do not outsource our products in order to get our goods at a drastically cheaper price. We are handcrafted, handpoured and made with love in the state of Maryland. When you buy beauty products off the shelves do you know when the product was made and if so, how long ago? We make our product in small batches to provide a freshness & quality.
  4. TRULY NATURAL INGREDIENTS. If you have ever taken a moment to check out the ingredient list, you probably get a headache from not being able to pronounce most of the chemicals, parabens, artificial fragrances and coloring. Our ingredients are truly sourced from nature. We grind down most of our products ourselves. We infuse our own oils. We use natural preservatives such as Vitamin E, Leucidal liquid and Rosemary Leaf Extract. We leave all the other nonsense out of our products making them toxin-free, paraben free, artificial coloring free, synthetic fragrance free.
  5. REAL & EFFECTIVE RESULTS. We all love instant results. We want results fast and quick, because we have been trained to want that in our society. But, our products give real long lasting results. With that said, we use very beneficial ingredients like Cupuacu butter, Tamanu Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Dead Sea Clay, Calendula Oil, Matcha Green Tea, Jojoba Oil and Cranberry Seed Oil. These are powerhouse ingredients that nourish and transform the skin.

Hopefully, this gives you an amazing insight not only in our brand, but for other natural beauty brands. Before we let you go, there are a few beauty brands with products we truly love. We wanted to share our favorites.

One Love Organics

Ella + Mia

Groomed Skin* (This brand is launching Spring 2017. We were fortunate enough to get a sneak peak trial. Yaaaay!)

Moody Sisters

Foxie Bombs

Be sure to support a small business today! We love to hear from you. Do you have a question you want us to answer? Simply let us know below.

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