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Do you know what foot care is? What it consists of? We are here to break down this very simple question that surprising most do not know the correct answer. Before we get into what it is, let's quickly address why it is important. There is research linking proper foot care to your overall well being. Find out more info about the History of Foot Soaking, which is a part of foot care.

Let's begin...

WHAT IS FOOT CARE? It is the practice of good foot hygiene and well being of your feet, toenails and lower leg.

There are many different ways you can take care of your feet, but here are the top 7 things you should be doing to maintain healthy foot care.

  • Keep feet clean and dry
  • Wear Sunscreen
  • Don't skip on the Antioxidants
  • Buff away calluses and rough skin
  • Moisturize
  • Let your feet breathe
  • Wear proper fitted shoes

These simple steps will keep your feet happy. Sometimes these easy steps can be quite difficult for the every day person, which is why we created our products. We provide products to help minimize steps and make it as easy & effective for you to maintain your foot care.

Some of our favorites are our London's Original Moisturizing Foot soak, it exfoliates, moisturizes and aid in proper nail care. Plus, our Exfoliating Foot polish will buff away dead skin with walnuts shells, tea tree, eucalyptus and spearmint leaves. All the things that are perfect for maintaining a great skin pH for your feet.

If you have any specific questions, foot concerns don't hesitate email us @ Check out some of our other helpful blogs that provide additional info on foot care:

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Remember, Happy feet. Happy life.

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