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Consumers like yourself are becoming more and more educated on the importance of ingredients in your products. If you look at most skin care products, the very first ingredient is water, distilled water or something of the sort. We don't know about you, but this burns us up. Who wants to spend $25 or more on your favorite skincare brand that uses water as their primary ingredient.

Well, we are going to breakdown a couple of things for you:

  • Why most companies us water as the first ingredient.
  • What does waterless mean.
  • The benefits of waterless products.


Let's get started... Most companies use water as the first ingredient because it helps to dissolve other ingredients. Yes, we understand that water is hydrating to our bodies, but when you put it on the skin it can have the opposite effect. Some believe that water as the main ingredient can trick your skin and cells into thinking they are hydrated, but once it evaporates it leaves your skin feeling dry.


For our products, waterless can mean two things. First, it means that we do not use water in the majority of our products (exception our Purifying Cleanser). We use ingredients like Cupuacu, Dead Sea Clay, Shea, Himalayan Salt and Coconut milk. Our product are formulated to thoroughly hydrate, detoxify and/or refresh the skin with each use.

The other meaning for 'waterless' is that you can use our products without needing water. We introduced a Waterless Collection consisting of a Purifying Cleanser, Callus Remover, Healing Salve, Antioxidant Serum and more. These items were created to be environmental-friendly by reducing the need for water.


The biggest benefit we want to share with you is that a little goes a long way. You don't need as much product, for example our nourishing butters and super hyrdating, softening and nourishing to your skin. All you need is a dime size and you will feel the results. Also, it cuts back the need to frequent application. With some water-based products, you find yourself applying it more often because of dryness.

We hope we have helped you a little bit with what to look for when looking at the ingredients list. We are not saying that products with water as the first ingredient are necessarily bad, but what we are definitely saying is to think about what type of product your shopping for and if having water as the first ingredient helpful to your skin.

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