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Naturally London loves a good soak, but we also love our planet. With that said, its our duty to inform our customers waterless care options. Waterless care means you experience your foot care and hand care with little to no water.

In a nail salon, they would typical start your service off with a warm towel to cleanse the skin on your hands or feet. We recommend spritzing your feet with our cleansing mist as your first step.

Here are a few benefits to Waterless Care that may tickle your fancy.

  • More sanitary if you are getting a service done at a nail salon.
  • Longer nail polish results. Our nail beds swell when we immerse our nails in water for 60 seconds or more. Then our nailbeds shrink back down, which can lead to premature chipping. 
  • More than 10 gallons of water is saved per service. This number may vary for home soaking.
  • Better penetration of moisturizers for skin.

More and more nail salons are starting to offer waterless services. No matter if you are having your service done at a salon or caring for your hands & feet at home, Naturally London has the essentials for your soothing ritual. 

Get started with the Waterless Care Basics.


Resource: Nailpro

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