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For those who do not know, I created our London's Original products (foot soak, foot butter and foot polish) during my pregnancy. Due to this, I ensured to keep these items pregnancy friendly.  Today, I wanted to share some of my secrets on how I survived my pregnancy using items found in our product line and other ways you can use them too.

1. LAVENDER EUCALYPTUS NOURISHING BUTTER: This butter is amazing and super creamy.  It glides on to feet, hands, elbows and bellies. Yes, you read it correctly... bellies. We use a three butter blend of Avocado, Cupuacu and Shea butter in our waterless formulation. We have clients that rave about how our butters have cleared up their eczema, psoriasis and moisturized their skin so deeply it lasts for days. Our pregnancy friendly scent: Lavender Eucalyptus is heavenly and will also relax the expecting mommy as well.

2. BLACKENED PEPPERMINT EXFOLIATING FOOT POLISH: Our polish is a salt blend providing a thorough exfoliation of dry skin. It's paired with black pepper essential oil that aids in circulation. During my pregnancy, my skin was very dry and I would exfoliate frequently to try and get a hold of my dry skin. After exfoliating I would butter up with a nice thick cream. Or ask for help if I was being lazy.

3. FEET DON'T FAIL ME NOW REVITALIZING FOOT SALT: Let me tell you something...out of all the items listed, this one was my saving grace. My feet were swollen every day at the start of my 6th month of pregnancy. I don't know why I swole up so much because I loved water and drank tons of it. I only drank water, no tea, no juice, just water. Then once the weight really started coming, my feet would not only be swollen but hurt. I soaked my feet every single day. Since creating the business, I have refined FDFMN Foot Salt to make it even better. This is what allowed me to get through my pregnancy. And on really bad days, I would soak and get a foot massage from my beau or sister.

I hope you find some relief with any symptoms you may be having in your pregnancy. Thank you so much for trusting London's Pedisoaks to help soothe your daily foot frustrations. We are super proud that our products can be used for multiple purposes.

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We want to make sure no other expecting mother feels the discomfort of swollen feet, which is why we created a Pregnancy Bundle that includes all three of the items listed above. This is a topic near and dear to my heart, which is why I want to ensure your feet stay happy.

Remember... Happy feet. Happy life.

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