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In the balance of life, there is always a ying and yang. A winner and loser. A hero and a nemesis. Well, this is true for our feet as well. There are things that our feet love...and thing that are dreadful for our feet. We are going to share the top three things that will make your feet unhappy.


Raise your hand if you have found yourself wearing heels, boots or even sneakers without any type of sock or pantyhose. Most of us have our hands up right now. This is simple because our outfits tends to look better without them. Women typically go without and this causes massive friction which leads to corns and calluses.

Let's not even mention the added factors of small shoes or cheaply made shoes that all add to the friction factor. When you combine all of this elements there is no wonder why some of our feet are so rough.


We love beauty care products, especially those formulated with natural ingredients. However, there is one natural ingredient we don't necessarily want to see as the first ingredient, which is water. If not properly formulated, some of these products with water as the first ingredient can trick out feet or skin into thinking its moisturized.

How often do you moisturize your feet? And what are you moisturizing feet with? Be sure to check out the ingredients list to make sure the ingredients are skin nourishing.


Did you know every time you step your feet absorb a total force around 30,000 pounds for the average adult. This doesn't factor in the added impact of our stylish 3 in heels, which increases the total force to over 50,000. Think about those numbers. It explains drastically which women are four times more likely to have foot issues than men.

But wait, there's more. When walking, each time your heel lifts off the ground it forces the toes to carry one half of your body weight.

It seems like common sense, but many of us don't realize the detriment we commit to our own feet by simply not avoiding these common practices. We hope that by us sounding the alarm it will help you think more careful about how you treat your feet.



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