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We have discussed numerous times about the importance of foot soaking and how it can have positive effects on your body. Since we are migrating towards cooler weather, it's the perfect time to discuss cold soaking. Let's get started...

Have you ever seen footage of the brave individuals that do the polar plunge in freezing water every year? Well, there is method to their madness. Cold soaking is a more feasible way to gain some benefits without the chance of being eaten by polar bears. All you need is a waterproof container big enough to soak your feet. Fill with cold water and grab a towel. If you want to intensify the soak, add ice.


  • Reduces swelling
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Eases stress
  • Energizes tired feet
  • Strengthens immune system

Soak your tootsies for at least one minute. The great news is all you need for a cold soak is cold water. With the temperature cooling, most of us are not even thinking about cold soaks. But, what if we told you there are studies that support cold soaking can boost your immunity. For even as short as a minute, you can do something that will protect you from the horrid things out there.

Let's do a cold challenge together. We will Go Live on Saturday @1pm to show you how easy peasy it is to do a cold soak. Will you join in?

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