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We are officially off to a fantastic start to the new year! We are loving the wellness vibe that seems to be in the air more than ever. So many people are focused on self care this year and we are feel the more, the merrier! We want to share our 2018 philosophy, which is much like Hakuna Matata, which is SOAK AWAY THE DAY!

This phrase has more meaning than what meets the eye. Of course we are referring to soaking your feet to de-stress, soften and soothe. Or even taking a hot bath to wash away your worries. But, soak away the day means so much more from a wellness perspective.

If you look at your total wellness like a pie, you have different categories or genres. Soaking away the day, can apply to so many aspects of this pie. Here are three additional ways you can SOAK AWAY THE DAY.


Soaking your mind in positive thoughts & people versus entertaining naysayers, trolls or negativity. I don't know about you but, I feel absolutely intoxicated after spending time in a room full of optimism and high spirited people.


Soaking away the day by taking a relaxing time to soak into a couch and veg out to restore your mental health. We have to get to place where it is ok to unplug. It's ok to say, I need a break. It should be ok to simple soak in silence and not be judge by others.


Have you ever simply sun-bathed with just your face, where you soak in the sunshine and let out a deep breathe? It is truly therapeutic and makes you feel renewed in such a simple instance. Soak in some warmth and vitamin D while taking mental break.

As you can see, there are may ways to Soak Away the Day. Some take more time than others, but all will leave you feeling renewed, relaxed and soothed; which is always our goal. We hope you take the time to focus on self care and steal a few moments away for yourself.

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