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London Girl @iamshamyraparker is a Selfcare Advocate/Educator/Facilitator sharing with us the importance of looking at selfcare as a lifestyle.

"Selfcare is the practice of being self-aware of our wants, needs, and desires and then using healthy ways to respond to those needs. As a practice, selfcare is a lifestyle choice rather than something we simply do, here or there."

What does self care look like for you? Leave your answers in the comments.

Daily care if your feet can become an excellent ritual to your lifestyle. Here are three rituals you can merge into your current lifestyle and reap grand benefits:

1. Soak your feet daily. Best done at night to unwind from your day.
2. A foot massage at the start or end of your day.
3. Moisturize your feet. Keeping your feet/skin healthy and feeling good will affect your entire body. Best done right after soaking feet or showering.

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