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When was the last time you opened up one of your body care or face care products and took a whiff and loved the scent? Loved the packaging? Love everything about it except for the effectiveness? Most of you are nodding and saying...this morning. But wait...there is another component. How many of you know if the ingredients causing the scent are ingredients that serve a purpose?

Now we start to see some virtual hands go down. Well, we are about to break down the difference between purposefully ingredients versus those simply added for a pretty effect. At London's Pedisoaks, we try to create that healthy balance of delicious scents, great consistency and effectiveness.

Customer favorites like our Soothing balm and 5N1 Nourishing oil are both formulated primarily for functionality. Even still, they both have a harmonious scent that puts a smile of your face with each use. We strive to stay in the small space where we select ingredients that serve a powerful purpose and smell good too.

The next time you open a bottle or jar, be sure to think about what's in it. Is that fragrance mainly there to masks something else or is everything in the jar yummy skin food that is truly good for you. Please be sure to leave your comments below.

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