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Are you a fan of tea? There are many teas for many different reasons such aiding in digestion, restlessness and detoxification. The use of herbs & flowers have endless of benefits and uses for the body. We took some of our favorite ingredients to produce a wonderful Soothing Foot Tea. Here are a few frequently asked questions and step-by-step directions on how to get the best results with your foot tea.


1. DO YOU DRINK THE FOOT? Nope, this tea is for soaking your feet and wasn't designed for consumption.
2. WHAT IS THE RESULTS TO EXPECT? Our foot tea is very soothing to your feet. After soaking you will have a cooling sensation. We use some ingredients that are prone for detoxification. Plus, you will get a mild exfoliation.
3. IS THERE ANY ESSENTIAL OILS USED? Yes, we added a synergy blend of some of our most revitalizing therapeutic grade essential oils such as grapefruit, ginger and lemon. Each essential oil used is not only for its amazing scent but the benefits to your skin and feet. To find out more about the benefits of each oil, check out our benefits page.
4. WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS? Calendula, Spearmint, Chickweed, Orange Rinds, Chamomile, Rosehip, Dead sea salt, Fruit acids, Epsom salt and a synergy of therapeutic grade essential oils.
5. HOW MANY TIMES CAN I USE MY FOOT TEA? Your foot tea comes in a metal tin with three already full muslin tea bags. We recommend using the foot tea bag once, but if you desire you can get 1 - 2 more uses from each tea bag. Be sure to lay the tea bag out to dry between each use.


1. Gather all of your supplies and items to include a foot bin, hand towel, pumice and any desired foot tools.
2. Not all faucet temperatures are created equal, therefore you can chose to either use the hot water out of your faucet or boil a small pot of water. After the pot starts to boil, remove from heat and drop in the foot tea bag. Allow for tea to steep for a few minutes. Then pour the entire contents including the foot tea bag into your foot bin and add cool water to achieve desired temperature.
3. Soak feet for 15-20 minutes.
4. Use the foot tea bag as a exfoliator to remove dead skin.
5. Remove your feet and pat dry.
6. Be sure to moisturize your feet with a foot butter.
7. Simply pour your used foot soak down the sink. 

Your feet will be soothed, cool and smell superb!

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