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Anyone else living in the extreme, where you over care for one aspect of your body and under care others? Show of hands if you totally are guilty of this? Go ahead, put your hands up, this is a judge free zone. Well, today we are going to share with you some easy peasy ways to care for your hands and feet to get yourself back on track.

Raw, irritated, sensitive. These words can describe many things right now in our current climate. But, we are referring to your hands. Constant and frantic handwashing to avoid COVID19 just makes sense. But, what are you doing after you wash your hands? Besides slathering on hand sanitizer. Yep, we are guilty of that too. #Overkill

You should be instantly moisturizing your hands after each wash. There are some professions that will not allow this and we get it. However, you definitely need to make sure you do find pockets of time and moments to lather on some really good skin healing/feeding products. Our pure relief moisturizer is just like it sounds, by instantly reviving your hands (and feet). Some of the perks are its filled with antioxidants and is a powerful emollient, no scent, no extra fluff, creamy texture, absorbs quick and a little goes a long way.

Soaps and sanitizers pull the oil and hydration from your skin. Please make sure you are putting some moisture back into your hands.

On to your feet! Let's be really real shall we... We are going to get Tik Toky. Ready? Raise your hand with all five fingers up.

Put a finger down if you neglect your feet.

Put a finger down if you don't wash your feet in the shower, because the soapy water running down your body is good enough.

Put a finger down if you are not into soaking your feet.

Put a finger down if you don't moisturize your feet after each shower/bath.

Put a finger down if you focus on the beauty of your feet and not the health of our feet.

Put a finger down if you don't know the importance of your feet for your overall well being.

Did you have any fingers left up? For those that need some guidance, you are in the right place. We tackle all of those topics. Let's start with cleansing your feet. There are four different ways to clean using salt, clay, soap or spray. For even more information on all four of these, check out 4 Ways to Cleanse your Feet.  Our favorite way to cleanse is by using our Refreshing foot masque. The Basil mint scent helps with any stinky feet and it doesn't leave the tub slippery. No matter what cleansing method, buttering up those toes afterwards is a necessary step. Any questions?

Bottomline, be sure to take care of your hands + feet more. XXOO

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