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Most of us are sharers...we learn sharing is caring in kindergarten. But, what if we told you that sharing can lead to nasty infections, spreading of yucky bacteria and overall very unhappy feet. There are a few items you may not even think can cause cross contamination of icky bacteria and infections, but we are here to tell you there is a chance.

Here is our list of items your should never share for healthy feet:

  1. TOE NAIL CLIPPERS: Yes, even if you clean with alcohol the best practice is to just have separate clippers than sharing. Our nails can be infected with all kinds of bacteria even when they appear clean and healthy.
  2. FOOT PUMICE: With all the nooks & crannies its a breeding ground for bacteria and old skin. It's best to avoid sharing this and if you nail salon tries to use one on your....RUN!
  3. NAIL FILE: Let us paint a picture for you, a friend of yours comes over to get ready to go out. She wants to put on a pair of pantyhose, but notices one of her toe nails has a jagged edge. Before to puts a ruin in her pantyhose she asks if she can borrow your nail file. What you didn't know is that she has toe fungus. Get the picture?  Also add any nail tools such as cuticle tools or buffers.
  4. SHOES: Forget about the saying..."Walk a mile in someone's shoes", because what they don't tell you is that you can end up with Athlete's foot or some other gross infection. Your feet sweat all day long and no matter how clean the person is, there are just things you can't see with the naked eye.
  5. NAIL POLISH: Ok, our opinion differs from the masses. We did our research and realize in general you can share nail polishes. However, here is our take... We are moving away from toxic nail polishes more and more. We started with 3 FREE Non-toxic nail polish and now there are brands that are 10 FREE, which is absolutely amazing! We believe it is just safe practice to not share your nail polishes and to always take your own nail polish to nail salons. 

Click here for our list of FAVORITE Non-toxic Nail Polishes

Stay vigilant when it comes to your overall foot health. Our feet are super important to our overall health. Find out Ways your feet can benefit your health.  There are easy ways to remedy this issue such as keeping a small nail clipper and small nail file in your purse or car. There are simple and practical ways to keep your feet happy & healthy.

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  • London's Pedisoaks

    Will do! The nail file is 100% a certainty, so when you go to your local nail salon, keep that in mind. But nail polish is a bit of a blurred line. Some think all the chemicals take care of any unwanted friends. But if someone has a toe nail fungus and uses the same color that you do, would you want to take that risk? That is the big question… Thanks for stopping by!

  • Shamyra W.

    Okay, nail file and nail polish shocked me. Keep the nuggets of knowledge coming, please!!

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