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This year for my preparation of a new year, I figured I would try something new. Every year, like many others, I would sit down and think about my resolution(s) and things I want to give up or do more. I don't know if its just old age or 2020 PTSD, but I just thought to myself I refuse to start 2021 in a mindset of a deficit. I want to go into 2021 already as the person I want to be and not becoming a new person. So, I started thinking about the things I need to do to make me a better person in November. And officially called it My Presolution Resolution. 

My first step was to write down 5 things that was making me unhappy in my life. Here is my list (don't laugh at my honesty):

  • My baby weight
  • My underwear drawer
  • My skin
  • Clutter in my bedroom
  • House decorum

Next, I prioritized the list as to which ones was quick and easy, versus items that would take some time to have results. One thing is for certain. In order to see true results, you have to change your behavior and successfully maintain it for at least 21 days to create a new habit. This will make it your new normal. I didn't want to do anything drastic, but instead things that I can easily incorporate and maintain in my life.

On Black Friday, I took care of two of the items on my list: underwear drawer and house decorum. I snagged some amazing sales that allowed me to revamp my entire underwear drawers via the outrageous Savage X Sale and tossed out my old (I mean real old shameful.) Then WayFair's Black Friday Sale allowed me to grab several items for my house to transform it into a home. 

My skin has been doing something very strange lately, since I haven't been taking care of it like I used it. I strayed from my usual routine and quickly had issues with my skin. My skin these days is super duper dry. Parched. I took advantage of the Cyber Monday Sales to get some of my skincare staples to try and bring my skin back to life. 

I felt so happy. I was thinking to myself, why haven't I done this before now, because it was really making me feel so good. I only had two more items on my list, which were the two biggest ones. I started on decluttering my bedroom. It was very therapeutic for me because it allowed me let go of things I really don't want to wear. It's so easy to accumulate stuff. Here are my biggest tips to decluttering:

  1. Only focus on what you can control: I literally cleaned only my half of the room. I allowed for my husband to come to his path of organization
  2. Sit down and acknowledge your sense of style: It evolves over time. Let it.
  3. Makeup, skincare, bodycare all have shelf life: Be sure to do a revolving edit on your inventory. And if you find yourself tossing out a certain type of product (i.e. scrubs, mask) perhaps you need to only buy one item at a time and wait until you use that up before purchasing another one. For example, I am not an eyeshadow type of woman. I have tons of palettes and NEVER use them. I do not allow myself to buy any more eyeshadow palettes. 

Now for the grand resistance!

I have to say, I am super proud of myself for this last accomplishment. Before I spill the beans, I have to give a little bit of context. I am what you call a stress eater. Like many, stress is real these days with running a small business, homeschooling, being a mom of two and just dealing with the stress of COVID. Eating my feelings was really a major coping mechanisms for me. Having a glass of wine was something I really looked forward to at the end of a stressful day. I believe in November GrowWithJo started a 25 day Workout Challenge. The challenge was to work out everyday for 25 days and pair it with sensible meals. I was waking up while my family was still asleep and working out. Relentlessly. Every day. My demise was that I wasn't able to really control my food choices. Working out again was a major WIN and I was happy, but I was still imprisoned by food.

Then my life really 'the people you see on infomercials and you think they must be a paid actor' changed. You want to know how?

I was talking to my bestie about my accomplishments and how I really need to go into the new year as the person I want to be and not the other way around. She talked to me about a cleanse I could do to change my life. I said yes. We decided on Nov 30 to start a sugar/candidia cleanse. It was next level discipline as my family still was eating McDonalds, pizza, cookies, etc. I never strayed and pressed on until I completely finished my cleanse. I lost 11 pounds just by making better food choices. While I was on this cleanse I did not work out. I wanted to, but mentally didn't have the bandwidth. I received devastating news on Dec 7th that made me instantly want to eat my feelings. I choose to put my mental juice into focusing and controlling my food choices.

Ironically, what we eat and how we eat can and will kill us if we are choosing the wrong things. I didn't eat my feelings, instead I doubled down on my choice to free myself from food. I was doing it for no one else, but me. My cleanse ended on Dec 20th and I am still eating the same. I feel good. I have eight days to start working out to combine my new low sugar, low carb lifestyle and see what results I can make happen. I have 36 more pounds to go, but I have never felt better prepared, better equipped to accomplish my goal. 

I am looking forward to 2021 because as it approaches, I am entering the new year as a woman with a super organized bedroom (hubby took care of his side. woot woot!), a home with better decorum, a sexy underwear drawer, glowing skin and a new appetite that craves only real foods. It took me two months to do it. And I am very proud of myself. I am usually not one to celebrate my accomplishments, but for this I am definitely in celebration mode.

My question to you you want to adopt the Presolution Resolution mindset? If so, here's what you need to do for next time:

  • Identify 3-5 goals things you want to improve in your life. No matter how big or small.
  • Give yourself at least two months to make changes happen. I suggest start in November.
  • Be gentle & gracious with yourself if you need to start over. 

Is this something you would want to do? Or will you continue your usual tradition? There's no write or wrong answers. Please share in the comments below.

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