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The blog is a special one. It was designed by my six year old daughter, London. She wanted to make it festive and include the Halloween Classics. Find out what the favorite products used by Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Wicked Witch and Wolfman from view point of a six year old.

The Mummy loves to soak her feet because she's very tired. And she has old dry Egyptian skin that needs to be exfoliated with our cleansing enzyme scrub.

The Wicked Witch loves to use the green refreshing foot masque on her feet, since its the same color as her face. Then she uses a moisturizing oil to keep her witchy skin from being dry. 

The Werewolf has long fingernails and needs to file them with our Glass Nail File and tend to his cuticles using our Hydrating Cuticle oil, which just won Allure's Best of Beauty Award.

Leaving Mr. Frankenstein who has very stinky feet. He reaches for our Multiuse Cleansing spray to tame his stinkiness and sanitize his hands from germs. He has many boo boos on his skin, so to keep it moisturized he reaches for or Pure Relief moisturizer.

See any favorites? Are you a Mummy or Wicked Witch? We hope you loved London's take on the Halloween Classics and for those who celebrate Halloween have a safe and fun holiday. 

LONDON'S HALLOWEEN TIP: Parents make sure to check your children's candy they get from school or trick or treating. 

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