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Happy Valentine's Day! We love this time of year, because people are in the mindset of being more caring, giving and slowing down to smell the roses. We know that most of us are either planning hot dates with our significant others or a rocking girls night out. Either way, we all have one thing is common... Our feet. We want to share a few simple tricks to love on your feet on this loving day.


  • Wear Feet Loving Shoes: We know the power of a sexy pair of heels. But, did you know that women suffer from foot problems three times more than men, simply because of our shoe selections. We suggest checking out some cute and sexy kitten heels that can do the trick with less negative impact.
  • Soak in the Love: After a night of dinner, dancing, sexy heels may we suggest a little soak time. This can be via a bath or simply soaking your feet. It can be the best way to end you night and unwind after a long love-filled day.
  • Love On Your Feet: It may sound funny, but we mean business. No matter if you are doing it yourself or make it a fun time with your hunny bunny... we want to see some foot massage action. Our nourishing foot butter or revitalizing oil is perfect for massages. Pair this with a bath or foot soak and you will melt into the deepest of sleeps.

We hope your day is filled with love, hugs and lots of fun. All we ask is that your don't forget your feet that carry you through all of these wonderful festivities. Take a brief moment and love your feet. Enjoy!

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