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Today is National Salt Day! We wanted to share with you our love for salt and why it plays such an important role in our business. Keep reading to find out the different type of salts, their benefits and our special we are running in honor of today.

We are big fans of SALT and using our best Bubba from Forest Gump voice, we like coarse salt, medium salt, fine salt, Himalayan salt, Lava salt, Salt from the Dead Sea and honorary Epsom salt (which everyone knows its really not a salt). We love it all and we use these very salts in our lovely products. Let's get started on the common benefits:

  • Detoxifies the skin and feet
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Kills germs and bacteria
  • Aids in the prevention of ingrown toenails
  • Soften and remove calluses and rough skin
  • Makes for a great exfoliator
  • Decreases inflammation

We want you to reap all of these bennies and more, which is why we incorporate SALT in our Foot polishes, Foot soaks and Foot Salts. Find out more on why we chose to use Salt vs. Sugar in our polishes. The use of SALT as a healing force dates way back and our love affair with SALT just keeps getting better. Are you using salt in your beauty care regimen?

In honor of National Salt Day, we are running a special of 25% off all Salt-based products. Use code: RELAX25. Expires 5/18 @ 11:59pm EST. Our products are perfect for home use or tote to your local nail salon. Simple give our products to your local pedicurist or nail salon to be used in placed of their products. All of London's Pedisoaks foot care products are truly natural with natural preservatives, natural fragrance and natural coloring. Check out our website to read some reviews of our most popular items.

Again Happy National Salt Day! How do you plan on using salt today?

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