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Who doesn't love to travel but no matter if you travel by plane, train or automobile the same problem can occur...  Traveler's feet.  Your feet get sore,  swollen and angry.  We are here to help you remedy this with five practical and easy tips. 


1. AVOID FOODS WITH HIGH SALT CONTENT: A couple of days prior to travel, be sure to not eat foods containing high sodium. By doing this you will drastically reduce your chance of swelling in your feet and ankles.  

2. HYDRATE: Increase your water intake to flush your system.  Your body is less likely to store water if your has a steady continuous flow of water.  


3. MINIMIZE YOUR ALCOHOL INTAKE: If you are going to be in a seated position for extended period of time, it's in your best interest to not consume high amount of alcohol to avoid swelling of the feet.  We understand your on holiday, but it's important to avoid swelling in your lower extremities.

4. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES: This tip is super important when traveling,  because it can avoid addition foot frustrations like blisters and achy feet. When selecting your travel outfit, choose shoes that accommodate your fluctuating foot size.  It will be extremely uncomfortable to travel in shoes that don't keep this factor in mind. 


5. REST & ELEVATE: Once you get to your destination, the night you get to rest is key to help get your body back on track. The biggest thing to do is drink water before going to bed,  elevate feet while sleeping and get a gold nights rest.  

One more tip if your feet are swollen am doing in pain, a quick fix we love to tell our clients is the power of a cold soak. Soak you feet in ice cold water for two minutes to get instant relief. Also, you may have to repeat step 5 if the swelling comes back during your trip.

There you have it!  These tips may seem like common sense, but they are easily forgotten by the average person. It doesn't matter if you are going on a road tripped an international flight,  you can avoid discomfort by keeping these five simple tips in mind. 




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