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Baby, it's cold outside and during this type of weather who wants to go to the nail salon. We understand the struggle and figured it's the perfect time to share our tips on how to master the home pedicure. Most women complain about three key things on why they don't want to do a home pedicure: time, money or they don't know how.

No worries! We are going to answer all three of this easy questions. You ready to take notes, cause PEDI 101 is about to start.


We understand that many of us women are busy being students, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and/or mommys. These accomplishments cut into our precious selfcare time. The biggest misconception is that pedis have to take a long time, which is not the case.

Our pedicures can take as little as 20 minutes (including clean up), which lets face it can be achieved while watching your favorite TV series. It's all about having the right products and knowing the right order to each step efficiently and effectively.

First thing is first, we need for you to be PREPARED. This means keep all of your pedicure items in one place. By doing this, you will be able to get a pedicure done in no time, versus wasting time trying to find each item.


KNOW HOW #1: You don't need a fancy foot soaking pan. It can be as simple as a $6 organization container from Target.

KNOW HOW #2: Have a game plan of all that you want to do for your pedicure and do these items in the correct order. We believe in the simple soak, exfoliate, moisturize. It's a guaranteed three step. For example, you only have 20 minutes to get everything done, here's what we suggest.

1-2 minutes             Grab foot pan with pre-prep items

1-3 minutes             Cut toe nails, remove polish & file

10 minutes              Soak feet

1-2 minutes             Use cuticle stick to remove gunk and push cuticles back

1-2 minutes             Apply foot scrub, rinse, then pumice/file down any rough spots

1-2 minutes             Apply foot cream

1 minutes                Pour foot soak down the drain

KABOOM! Your pedicure is complete. If you want to apply nail color or do a foot masque that will add another 15 minutes to your experience.

KNOW HOW #3: Acknowledge the more you do it, the easier and faster the task. The first step is simply being motivated and trusting the products your are using are effective.


Investing in ourselves is very important, especially the items we are applying to our skin. We all know that our skin is our biggest organ and that it easily absorbs 60% of products. So, keep this in mind when you are doing your pedicures with soaks and scrubs that neon blue, orange, etc.

On average a pedicure will run you about $30 no including tip. What would you think if we told you, our Try Me Trio is $50, which equals to about 5-6 pedicures. Averaging $10/pedicure.

All this talk about pedicures, and we are ready to get this PEDI PARTY started over here. So, we hope you have a wonderful weekend and try and find some time for your feet. If you feet feel good, it will make you feel good!

Happy feet. Happy life!

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