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WE LOVE SELFCARE! And soaking our feet is one of our favorite practices. It has become a ritual whenever we soak our feet, there is always some type of care done to the face. They almost go hand in hand in our self care routine. It only makes sense that our must haves revolve around the idea of making the next 15 minutes as soothing and relaxing as possible. Here are our must haves...

Before we even get started with our soaking, we always light a candle to set a mood or atmosphere in the home. Try doing this a few minutes prior so it gives the candle a chance to fill the room.

The great thing about our foot soak is that all you have to do is soak your feet to reap bennies. No pumice or buffing. Just sit back and relax in our detoxifying foot soak. This frees up your hands to apply your favorite mask. When in doubt simply apply coconut oil. We love to use it as a moisturizing mask. After about 5 minutes, use your jade eye roller to give your face a nice massage. It is astounding how much stress we all carry in our faces.

After this gentle face massage, simply wipe away the oil with a warm face cloth. Finish off the effect by spritzing a refreshing facial mist. You are almost done...and most likely cheesing really big because your face feels amazing and your feet do too.

Remove your freshly soaked tootsies from the water and pat dry with a towel. Immediately apply your favorite moisturizer, like our Healing Salve or our award-winning Foot Butter. It does wonders for the feet. Viola!

All this in just 15 minutes. And don't worry, clean up is a breeze, simply pour your soak down the sink, toilet or tub. There are not flowers or herbs to clog up the pipes.

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