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We are here to tell you two simple steps to keep your feet baby soft. It's not the first time we discussed how to maintain super soft feet. Our customer's #1 complaint is dry feet, which is even more so this time of year. Keep reading for this key step...

We are going to keep this short & sweet. The key to baby soft feet is moisturizing them with a very nourishing butter or lotion. However, before you do this step, you want to prep your feet. It makes no sense to lather yummy hydrating cream on your feet when you have dry dead skin covering your heels & soles.

There is a simply solution, which is to exfoliate your feet. You want to use a salt-based foot scrub in order to have enough grit to take on the thicker skin located on our feet. Our foot scrub is rich in avocado butter and jojoba oil to start moisturizing your skin. Plus, we pair black peppercorn, pink Himalayan salt and pumice.

After scrubbing down your feet, rinsing them off, patting them dry... simply lather up your feet with a creamy butter or lotion. Try to refrain from using one with the first ingredient being water. Do this at least twice a week to keep your feet super soft.

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