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Most of us now full throttle after the new year. We are back to work. We are back to our regular routines. We are for the most part done with all of the merriment of eating and drink with the ones we love. So now what? We feel sluggish, yucky and need to detox. Well we have some great tips that will make it simple, easy and pleasant.

We have three easy ways to detox after the new year.


Sometimes we know the answers to the our own questions, but we need to hear it over and over. The most economical way to detox is simply drink water. Not 8 ounces or even 64 ounces. Your goal needs to be a gallon of water a day. This amount of water is going to flush your system of everything.

Yes, you will need to urinate frequently.

Yes, it is not easy to do.

Yes, you will feel amazing.

Do this for a week and you will see results you could never imagine, simply from drinking more water.


It can be exhausting from all the traveling, family festivities and gathering of friends. We are non-stop from October to January with all the holiday cheer. Let's take a moment and wooooowsa by allowing your mind to be rid of stress, to do's and our hopes for the new year. We challenge you to quiet your mind by simplifying your thoughts.

Here is the exercise:

1. Sit down and write down all of the things you wanted to do in 2016 that you didn't accomplish.

2. Rip up the list. Let go of these things that burden you mind to free you up for today.

3. On the next day preferably in the morning, write down 3 realistic goals you have for your current day.

4. Now rip up this list (just kidding). Only focus on these three goals for the entire day.

5. At night, acknowledge what you accomplished and let go of what you didn't get done. Don't carry burdens over with you each day. This type of stress causes crow's feet (just kidding again).

Simply focus on achieving your list and not what the next list will be for tomorrow. Be present and don't beat yourself up.

Yes, you will feel silly for writing a list and then ripping it up.

Yes, it will take practice for you to only write three realistic goals.

Yes, by learning how to quiet your mind and focus on three goals at a time, you will feel more focused.


Get grounded in more ways than one by taking care of yourself. We want to help you with a stress detoxification. We have a great detox kit that includes Soothing Foot Teat (Flower Power), Detoxifying Foot Masque (Seaing Green) and a Antioxidant Foot Spray (Get Grounded) that will make the stress in your life melt away. You will be surprised by taking time for yourself how much better you will feel.

Yes, by treating your feet it will affect the rest of your body.

Yes, you will need to set aside some me time.

Yes, you & your feet will feet calm, soothed and amazing.

So why not get fancy and do all three of these, because it is totally doable and in 2017 we are sure we could all use a little extra TLC.

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  • London's Pedisoaks

    Our pleasure! It is important to incorporate the whole person in order to maintain a proper balance. Thanks for stopping by!


    This was good. Really good! So often, folks underestimate the importance and benefits of detoxing and then if they do get it, they miss the stress and mental piece. I love how you provide, real, accessible, practical solutions to make it easy to implement into our daily routine. This was really informative!! Thank You!!!

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