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Back to school makes many of us think about our daily routines and best practices. This includes what we do to prepare for bed time and how we destress after a busy day. Brushing your teeth, washing your face, showering or reading a book are some of our most common night time rituals. However you may be missing one of the easiest relaxing bed time ritual and we are here to share with you the easiest practice.

It's no secret what our bed ritual tip is...FOOT SOAKING. A warm foot bath will melt away the stresses of your day in as little at 10 minutes. The great thing about foot care is while you soak you can do so many other relaxing things like sip a cup of chamomile tea or read a good book.

You can do a soak with plain water or you can enhance your experience by adding a foot soak, like our Refuge foot soak, that has relaxing ingredients like Bolivian Rose salt and Epsom salt wrapped in a sultry Grapefruit Ylang Ylang scent.

The second step to your new bedtime ritual is a 60-second foot massage. You can do a longer massage if you desire, but for those strapped for time 60 seconds each foot can reap tons of benefits. All you need is a cream, lotion or oil to provide a good slip for your fingers to massage your tired hardworking feet. You can do it yourself or have a loved one help you out.

Interested in starting this new routine to improve your bedtime ritual? We have just the duo for you called Love Your Feet. Instantly save 15% off this lovely giftset.
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