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Are you ready to save $100? Well, you really don't have a choice these days since we are quarantined in our homes. But being stuck at home doesn't mean you shouldn't provide yourself a little TLC. We are here to help you find a little getaway moments in your home. Let's get started on a cute spa-esque DIY pampering session.

Grab your favorite items to include:

Let's get started...

Lock yourself in your most luxurious bathroom to steal away a moment. Take a hot shower or bath to start the relaxation process. Wash your face and apply your favorite face mask. Throw on some super comfy lounge wear and sneak off to your next location. Let's go...

Grab your foot bin and find a cozy spot in your home to sit & soak. Grab a book & make yourself a Quarantini cocktail to embrace a little R&R. Or a nice cup of tea works too!

You can do a hot or cold soak. They each have a different set of benefits. Soak you feet in plain water or add some epsom salt. We love to use one tablespoon our Exhale Foot soak, because of its invigorating scent and amazing exfoliation results. After soaking for at least 15 minutes, grab your pumice or favorite foot scrub to remove any remaining dead skin.

Now that you have softer feet with revealed new skin, it's important to moisturize you feet. This is by far one of the most important steps to having and keeping soft feet.  We are big fans of waterless formulations to really load up on yummy skin nutrient ingredients. Our award winning foot butter's #1 ingredient is cupuacu butter. The key is to make sure you add hydration prior to moisturizing, meaning you need to apply to damp skin. Allow your moisturizer to really soak in while you take a sip of your beverage.

We are full supporters of no nail polish. Expose those healthy toe nails. But for those that want to paint your toe nails, we are big fans of the clean formulation choices out there like Ella + Mila, Sheer Lust and Mischo Beauty.

We hope you had fun with our At Home Spa Day. We will be hosting a virtual PEDI PARTY soon. We will tell you the date via social media. Stay calm and find moments to keep yourself in a healthy mindset.

Thank you pedi much for stopping by! xoxo

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