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COVID-19 aka the Corona virus has brought to light a many of things. One thing is how we prepare our bodies daily to combat new viruses and infections. We are going to share six practical things you can start doing today to boost your immune system.

Before we start, we have a disclosure. We are not doctors and recommend every one to always do their own research. If you are ill or experiencing medical issues, please seek the help of your family practicioner.


Reduce your sugar intake because it lowers your natural killer T cells. This means not only "sweets", but foods that translate into sugar through our digestion. This includes alcohol people. We are not saying not to drink, but just know by drinking you are lowering your immunity. We don't want to lower our T cell number, so let's make wise choices. 


Most of us walk around Vitamin D deficient, especially women. Also, many of us take Vitamin D wrong, which means you are taking your vitamin for nothing. When you take your vitamin D always take it with a healthy source of fat. What are healthy sources of fat? A handful of nuts, some avocado or a tablespoon of olive oil will do the trick.


Himalayan salt has many benefits for our bodies. One if which is boosting our immunity. The reasons behind this is because Himalayan salt helps with the pH balance of your body. A more akaline body is a healthier body. Plus, Himalayan salt is antimicrobial and antibacterial. We suggest sprinkling some Himalayan salt onto your clean hand and lick the salt from your hand. 


It's simple. If you want a quick immunity booster, take a cold shower or do a cold foot soak. These are both quick jolts to your lymphatic system. It causes our lymphatic system to flush, which in return boosts immunity. You only need to do it for a minute or less. If you have ever done either before you know a minute is a lifetime. Cold foot soaking is a little less evasive as a whole body cold shower.


    It may be hard for some of us to laugh these days. We are dealing with a lot such as unemployment, sick family members, financial distress and home schooling. All of these things are super stressful and may take away our sense of humor. If possible, let's find some happiness and humor in our daily lives because our health depends on it. Laughter reduces stress hormone and helps increase our T cells. Click here to read on all the benefits from laughter.      


    We are big supporters of colloidal silver, because of its ability to boost immunity and combat or shorten the effects of cold & flu. However, this one is the most controversial and therefore we want you to do some research for yourself if this is something you want to add to your daily regimen. 

    We hope at least one of our suggestions can make a change in your life. Thank you so much for stopping by and if you found something useful be sure to share so others can learn something new as well.

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