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London's Pedisoaks specializes in products made for your feet. We use feet-focused ingredients that will nourish and feed your skin & feet. However, we have some customers that love our formulations so much they have found other useful ways to use our plant-based products. Keep reading to see if any of these multi-purpose uses suit your needs.

  1. STRAY HAIRS DOWN. One of our favorite customers informed us that she uses our Nourishing Foot Butter to slick down fly away hair. She loves the scent of our butters. Plus, she knows that the cupuacu butter and avocado butter is not going to do anything but good for her hair. She doesn't use a ton because she doesn't want to weigh her hair down, but we have to be honest... we gave it a try and it was does work!
  2. FROM FEET TO TUB. Another customer that has left rave reviews, informed us that she uses our Moisturizing Foot Soak not only to soak her feet, but she pours it into her bath. She prefers our Foot Soaks & Foot Milk over other bath products, because they leave her body feeling smooth & silky.
  3. COMPLETE BODY PICK ME UP. We were super touched when one of our customers told us that she loves our Antioxidant Foot Serum. She continued to say that she uses the serum all over, because she read the ingredients and knows how nourishes the ingredients are to her skin. She uses the serum typically after her shower and she loves how she can moisturize her feet without having to bend over. Just a few simple sprays and she's out the door.
  4. POLISH AWAY. We have mentioned this before, but several customers rave how they love to use the Pink Power polish not only on their feet, but also on the lower leg prior to shaving. They rinse and use the remaining moisture as their shaving balm. Plus, they use the polish on their knees and elbows. The body part that gets polished the most is actually their hands. We are London's Pedisoaks and we approve this message.
  5. THAT HEALING TOUCH. One of our newest editions and our only non-plant based product that contains beeswax is our Food for the Sole Healing Foot salve. One of our customers lets us know that she uses this stuff for everything! She applies it to her cuticles, elbows, knees and even her lips. Wow! We have to give the lip application a try real soon!

Our product line is geared towards feet and is comprised of feet-focused ingredients, but our formulations are still wonderful for other purposes. Our formulations are not like the typical foot care products. We love peppermint, but only one product utilizes peppermint in our product line. Peppermint seems to be a popular ingredient in most foot care products. Have you used our products in a unique or usual way? Please be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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