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FIVE NATURAL LIP BALMS TO NOURISH CHAPPED LIPS. all is here and the weather is going to start getting chilly, what does that mean for your lips? Get your lip balm now, so you can protect your lips against the elements. I have five all-natural lip balms that are to die for and reasonably priced.


Think about it…our skin is our biggest organ. Whatever we put on our skin, it gets absorbed by our skin. Even more, we are putting it on our lips…right by our mouths. YOWSERS!

These lip balms are so pure I use one of them on my daughter. My mini me has chapped lips from time to time and she likes to feel like she’s a big girl using mommy’s lip stuff.

Here’s the list:

  1. LUSH COSMETICS LIP BALM IN HONEY TRAP ($7.95): I love the scent and emolliency of this shea butter and honey lip balm. It has a pleasant taste that will leave sweet kisses for your mate. CON: It’s in a tin, so if you’re not a fan of dipping your finger this is not the balm for you.
  2. SHEA YELEEN LIP BALM TRIO PACK ($8.00): This lip balm is shea butter based and glides on silky smooth. My favorite scent is Apple, which is more like apple pie! CON: The only thing I noticed is the Coconut Peach scent only smells like coconut with no trace of peach.
  3. SW BASIC LIP BALM IN CINNAMON ($4.00): Out of all of these lip balms this is the smoothest, creamiest and emollient. It is made with organic coco butter and I absolutely love it! I apply it first thing in the morning right after I wash my face. It gets my lips ready for my lipgloss. CON: I’m not a fan of cinnamon, I would have preferred a different scent or no scent at all. But the scent will not prevent me from using this balm.
  4. DR. LIPP NIPPLE BALM FOR LIPS ($16.50): There are some balms that are for day time and others for night. This is a wonderful night time lip balm made with 100% lanolin. It is quite thick and will condition your lips perfectly while you sleep.  There is no scent and a little goes a looooooooong way! If you prefer to not wear lip glosses or lipsticks, this is a great alternative, because you do get a bit of shine. CON: It’s for nipples. That’s the best I could come up with.
  5. MOODY SISTERS LIP BUTTER ($6.50): This lip balm has quickly moved to be one of my all time favorites. I use it every night before going to bed. They also have a killer lip scrub that makes the lip balm even more dreamy. CON: Just like LUSH, it a metal tin so it's hard to get into sometimes and then dipping your finer inside to get to the balm. But this is small potatoes compared to the results!

All of the lip balms listed above are near and dear to my heart. If I had to chose only one, I really don’t know which one would be my choice.  What’s your favorite all natural lip balm?

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