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With each new year we have a chance to make new or start over. We want to share with you six ways turn everyday routines into ritualistic practices. Here's what we suggest:

Washing your face

We all wash our faces. Do you do it on autopilot or are doing actions with intention. Instead of do all your steps in 30 seconds we have the best suggestion.

RITUAL: Wash your face for one minute with your face wash. Massage your moisturizer in for one minute. Repeat with any additional items like serums, etc.

WHY? This allows for your facial care products to have longer contact with your skin and for you to wind down or wake up. To really step up your experience. Put on your favorite song that will help you gauge your time best and will help relax or pump up your mood.

Going to bed

There is perfect way to wind down each night. There are several things that need to be done as you prep for bed that you can do in order to transform this into a pleasant ritual you look forward to each night.

After washing your face and brushing your teeth, how do you wind down your evening? Do you play music, read a book or watch tv? The best way to make a transition from falling asleep on the couch from your Netflix binge is simply discipline and intention. 

RITUAL: Foot soaking has been a ritual for centuries in many different cultures. The purpose behind it varies, but one thing is certain is the many benefits. Soak your feet in warm water for 15 minutes to allow for stress to melt away. If you want to amp up this ritual, add some foot salts, a glass of wine and soothing music to really allow yourself to clear your mind and unwind from your day.

WHY? Since we are home more than ever these days, its important to have distinction for the beginning, work hours and end of our days. Your body will react by this important ritual and you will sleep better.

Distinction of your Work Day

With most of us still working from home, its even more important with making distinction between the different parts of your day. 

RITUAL: Start your work day with some type of action that allows for you to destress and mentally prepare for your emails, Zoom meetings and reports. We suggest you listening to Binaural beats or Brain wave music. It is super soothing, calming and will get you ready to take on your day. Pair it with hot, lemon water to really amp up this new ritual.

WHY? Binaural beats are thought to increase concentration, problem solving, alertness and decrease stress and anxiety. If that doesn't make your smile it also encourages relaxation and promote positivity. 

Give these three suggestions a try and let us know what you think about the results. Habits and routines are good, but rituals can elevate your vibe. 

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