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During such a stressful time, I find it best to focus on things that calm & relax my mind. I have three fantastic selfcare rituals you can add to your nighttime regimen to unwind and sleep well. You can do either one or all three as a way to prepare your body for rest. These are rituals I do for myself and my daughter. My five year old is having the hardest time adjusting and has been very emotional these days. Here are three rituals I use to keep her calm.


I give our 5 year old a foot massage every night to wind her down for bed. I use our unscented pure relief moisturizer and add one drop of lavender oil per foot.  If she is not freshly showered, I prep her feet for massage using our purifying foot spray, which has lavender hydrosol. I spend about 2 minutes on each foot. She loves it. I am not sure if its just us spending some quality time together or if its the lavender, but she sleeps like a rock.


Facials have been a big way my daughter and I bond since she was two years old. She enjoys making the masks and how the brush feels when I apply it to her face. We call it Girls' Party. She loves it! I started her out using just coconut oil, upgraded her to smashed avocado, then sheet masks, but now I want to show her a ritualistic approach to skincare. She's the age where these will be memories that follow her throughout her life. I found a cute honey & oats mask by Take Care Spa called Simple Little. It's is just what we need with ingredients we can trust and made with local honey from Maryland. I can not wait to do this face mask with her. We will be sure to share on the gram.


Baths or foot soaks are such a ritualistic rite of passage in my mind. If you are not familiar with my founder's story of why I even created my brand it was due to severely swollen feet during my first pregnancy. I stayed soaking my feet and taking warm baths. Foot soaking is such an important practice in so many cultures. A nightly practice and a sign of your day coming to an end. It is a simple thing to do in order to increase the quality of your sleep, destress and relax. I have been soaking my feet more frequently lately taking a tablespoon of refuge foot soak just sink into my chair. I literally feel myself soaking away the day.

Which one of these rituals do you want to add to your regimen? Start out simple and find joy in the process of taking care of you. Listen to the water as you run your bath. Enjoy the gentle strokes of the brush as you apply your mask, add extra accoutrements like lighting candles, playing soothing music or that glass of wine. These are the days that our daily rituals will save us.

I hope this helps. Ciao for now.

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