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Now more than ever we are all very conscious about how we are spending our money. Some of us have ventured out to be DIYers taking our beauty needs into our own hands until we all can get out of the house. Well, we wanted to share with you some easy, strategic and smart ways to save money on your beauty products.

Use the proper amount

If you watch as many IG posts as we do, we see so many influencers pour on the makeup or skincare products in excess. The reason could be very easy...they didn't pay for it. Most quality products you only need a dab. Yup, a dab will do ya. Your products will last so much longer if you apply what you need and not what you feel you need to see. Also, this may not be the amount that is directed by the company. All we are saying is figure out the amount that is needed for your face, hands, body, etc.

Buy Sustainable Packaging

You are winning on so many levels with sustainable packaging and we are going to tell you exactly why...

  • It's potentially better for the planet. If you recycle the packaging.
  • Speaking of recycling, this doesn't mean you have to toss it. You can simply upcycle the packaging and use it again in the home.
  • FYI glass containers keep your product fresher longer (given you have properly put the lid back on.>

Don't be a hoarder

If you are like me, its very easy to constantly keep buying products. Especially, when they are on sale or you get that pretty ad in your email. Raise your hand if you have a ton of beauty products that you are hoarding in your bathroom or your beauty kit that is just sitting there because you ended up buying something new. Take you time...we will wait.

Yes, we see your hands!

Well, we want to challenge you. We challenge you to the "Finish it all" Beauty challenge. Let's see how much money we can truly save by using what we have first.

This doesn't apply to products that have toxic ingredients or you have an adverse reaction to. Or products that you have tried and did not give you the results you deserve. (Note: some products require a week or two to see any proper results.)  If this is the case, why is that product still in your possession? TOSS IT!

These all may seem like no brainers, but you will be surprised on how easily these tips can be forgotten in our every day hustle & bustle. With all the extra time on our hands, now is the time to clean out your beauty product drawer(s) cause we all have one and only keep what works. These are easy to start implementing today. Go ahead and do it right now. Good luck!

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