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When was the last time you opened up one of your body care or face care products and took a whiff and loved the scent? Loved the packaging? Love everything about it except for the effectiveness? Most of you are nodding and saying...this morning. But wait...there is another component. How many of you know


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Today is National Salt Day! We wanted to share with you our love for salt and why it plays such an important role in our business. Keep reading to find out the different type of salts, their benefits and our special we are running in honor of today.

We are big fans of SALT and using our best Bubba from Forest Gump voice, we like coarse salt, medium salt, fine salt, Himalayan salt, Lava salt, Salt from the Dead Sea and honorary Epsom salt (which everyone knows its really not a salt). We love it all and we use these very salts in our lovely products. Let's get started on the common benefits:

  • Detoxifies the skin and feet
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Kills germs and bacteria
  • Aids in the prevention of ingrown toenails
  • Soften and remove calluses and rough skin
  • Makes for a great exfoliator
  • Decreases inflammation

We want you to reap all of these bennies and more, which is why we incorporate SALT in our Foot polishes, Foot soaks and Foot Salts. Find out more on why we chose to use Salt vs. Sugar in our polishes. The use of SALT as a healing force dates way back and our love affair with SALT just keeps getting better. Are you using salt in your beauty care regimen?

In honor of National Salt Day, we are running a special of 25% off all Salt-based products. Use code: RELAX25. Expires 5/18 @ 11:59pm EST. Our products are perfect for home use or tote to your local nail salon. Simple give our products to your local pedicurist or nail salon to be used in placed of their products. All of London's Pedisoaks foot care products are truly natural with natural preservatives, natural fragrance and natural coloring. Check out our website to read some reviews of our most popular items.

Again Happy National Salt Day! How do you plan on using salt today?

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Find out the reasons why London's Pedisoaks products and other natural beauty products cost different than conventional products.  We are going to share the top reasons why our products cost just a bit more than our competitors. It may seem like you are breaking the bank, but let's dive in and break down quality versus the quantity.

Occasionally, we are asked by our customers, why should they pay for our products when they can get other items so much cheaper. We try to inform them of the many differences and figured it would be an excellent way to educate others. To us, the answers are fairly simple. Let's get started... Here are a few practical reasons why our products cost more than our competitors.

  1. THE FIRST IS MOST IMPORTANT. The first ingredient has the highest potency. If you look in the ingredients section of many skincare, body care or feet care products the first ingredient typically says water. It comes in different forms such as aqua, distilled water, ionized water, etc. If water is listed first, you are buying mainly water. When it comes to moisturizers having water as the main ingredient is concerning, because it tricks you skin into thinking it moisturized only to be absorbed leaving your skin feeling dry. Our first ingredients is never water, which is why our butters, salves and serums nourish and hydrate your skin.
  2. SMALL YET STRONG. We are a small business and due this simple factor our bulk purchases are much smaller than the big players in the beauty field. The more you buy the cheaper the ingredient, which can result in lower prices.
  3. MADE FRESH IN AMERICA. We are an American-based business manufacturing in America. We do not outsource our products in order to get our goods at a drastically cheaper price. We are handcrafted, handpoured and made with love in the state of Maryland. When you buy beauty products off the shelves do you know when the product was made and if so, how long ago? We make our product in small batches to provide a freshness & quality.
  4. TRULY NATURAL INGREDIENTS. If you have ever taken a moment to check out the ingredient list, you probably get a headache from not being able to pronounce most of the chemicals, parabens, artificial fragrances and coloring. Our ingredients are truly sourced from nature. We grind down most of our products ourselves. We infuse our own oils. We use natural preservatives such as Vitamin E, Leucidal liquid and Rosemary Leaf Extract. We leave all the other nonsense out of our products making them toxin-free, paraben free, artificial coloring free, synthetic fragrance free.
  5. REAL & EFFECTIVE RESULTS. We all love instant results. We want results fast and quick, because we have been trained to want that in our society. But, our products give real long lasting results. With that said, we use very beneficial ingredients like Cupuacu butter, Tamanu Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Dead Sea Clay, Calendula Oil, Matcha Green Tea, Jojoba Oil and Cranberry Seed Oil. These are powerhouse ingredients that nourish and transform the skin.

Hopefully, this gives you an amazing insight not only in our brand, but for other natural beauty brands. Before we let you go, there are a few beauty brands with products we truly love. We wanted to share our favorites.

One Love Organics

Ella + Mia

Groomed Skin* (This brand is launching Spring 2017. We were fortunate enough to get a sneak peak trial. Yaaaay!)

Moody Sisters

Foxie Bombs

Be sure to support a small business today! We love to hear from you. Do you have a question you want us to answer? Simply let us know below.

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We were asked why not sugar... The response is very simple. We are sweet enough.

No seriously, sugar granules are typically...

  • smaller
  • more uniform
  • typically rounded
  • less abrasive
  • dissolves easily
  • contain natural glycolic acid
  • moisturizing

This results in a gentle and softer exfoliation. Dry skin areas such as elbows, knees and feet need a more intense exfoliation to remove dead skin and rough patches. Salt is perfect for such an exfoliation!

Salt granules are typically...

  • sharper edges
  • more abrasize
  • therapeutic qualities
  • increases circulation
  • detoxifying
  • muscle relaxatants
  • tighten skin

They both have their pros and cons but when its comes to feet and rough spots like elbows and knees... Salt has it!

We love salt! Dead Sea salt, Pink Himalayan salt and Lava salt are our top three favorites! So why do we chose salt for our scrubs? Salt is an excellent exfoliator, they detoxifier, purifier, natural antiseptic and stimulates blood circulation.

 This is the very reason why our crowd pleasing Pink Power polish and Blackened Peppermint polish are both made with Dead Sea salt. Since salt can be drying we infused our scrub with powerful moisturizers such as avocado butter, jojoba oil and coconut oil.

Don't believe us? Try it out for yourself! Your feet will thank you!

Love Your Feet Today.

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Black Peppercorn is rich in vitamins and is a powerful antioxidant. Something so simple and found in most of our kitchens packs so many wonderful benefits for our skin and overall well being. We wanted to share the many benefits of black peppercorn, as well as some of our favorite beauty hacks.


  • Antibacterial
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Removes toxins
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • An excellent antioxidant
  • Exfoliates the skin


  1. SMOOTH OPERATOR: Add freshly ground black peppercorn to you favorite body wash to exfoliate your skin. Plus, it aids in minimizing cellulite.
  2. OIL INFUSION: Create a black peppercorn oil infusion that can be used for a multitude of purposes such as a hair growth stimulator or cellulite treatment. What you need is a mason jar, jojoba or almond oil and crushed black peppercorn. Mix the black peppercorn with the oil and pour into the mason jar. Fill the jar up to the very top. Allow the jar to sit for at least three weeks. After three weeks, drain the peppercorn from the oil. Store your oil in a container and use it as your feel necessary.  Please be sure to do an allergy test prior to applying any natural products on large surfaces.
  3. ANTI-AGING MAGIC: You are probably expecting some amazing recipe with black peppercorn or black pepper essential oil. But, actually this spice is so powerful all you have to do is add black pepper to your diet and watch the wrinkles melt away. Be sure to use fresh ground black peppercorn and remember the ground peppercorns are only good for 3 months. Using it as a seasoning or dressing are super easy. Good ole fashion salt & pepper on most proteins is always a winner. Adding black peppercorn and lemon juice to any salad will add a nice zing.
Besides these amazing skin hacks, keep in mind the excellent internal bennies you reap simply by incorporating Black Peppercorn into your daily diet. It aids in some digestion issues, relieves gas, aids coughs & colds and promotes weight loss. This ayurvedic ingredient is definitely worth keeping in your kitchen. What’s your favorite Black Peppercorn beauty uses?
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Calendula is a powerhouse in the medicinal plant family that we incorporate in our product line. Owning an all-natural beauty product company, we use ingredients such as this for their amazing benefits and qualities. You can find this amazing ingredient in several of our products. For those that may not know, here are some of the wonderful benefits from this magnificent plant.


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant rich
  • Accelerates the healing process
  • Increase blood flow in skin cells
  • Smooths & soothes skin conditions
  • Anti-bacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic
  • Anti-spasmodic properties
Here are a few simple beauty hacks to reap all of the benefits Calendula has to offer!


This is super duper easy to do and make if you have the time and desire to do this beneficial DIY. All you need is a small mason jar, a vegetable oil (not cooking oil) and dried Calendula flowers. Wash out your mason jar and thoroughly let it dry. You do not want any water in the jar. Place the flowers into the jar about 3/4 full. Then pour the vegetable oil over completely covering the flower. Seal tight and allow to sit in sunlight for about 3 weeks. 

After three weeks, strain with a cheesecloth and store in a cute container. Keep this in you bathroom and apply in the morning and at night. Viola! You have made an Calendula infused oil. 

Vegetable oils
Olive Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Sesame oil 
Benefit: Accelerates healing process, soothes chapped skin & reduces redness from inflamed skin.


All you need to make this happen is an empty and cleaned 4oz glass spritz bottle, measuring cup, dried Calendula flowers, witch hazel and lavender essential oil. Steep flowers in hot water and safely drain and set liquid aside to cool. Grab a measuring cup and pour two ounces of witch has and a few drops of lavender oil into the measuring cup. Then add two ounces of the cooled Calendula tea. Pour all of the concoction into your glass spritzer.

Shake well and spritz. Great for gently waking up your skin in the morning or calming your skin at night. 
Benefit: Antioxidant rich, increases blood flow to cells and smooths & soothes skin

We hope you enjoy our beauty hacks. Just in time for some last-minute Christmas gift ideas. What unique and practical ways have you used Calendula?
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Aloe is a wonderful medicinal plant that we have grown to love for our products. Owning an all-natural beauty product company, we use ingredients such as this for their amazing benefits and qualities. You can find this amazing ingredient in several of our products. For those that may not know, here are some of the wonderful benefits from this lush plant.


  • Antibacterial
  • Antioxidant rich
  • Accelerates the healing process
  • Reduces dental plaque
  • Detoxifies
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Abundant in natural vitamins
Now that you know the benefits, I want to share a funny childhood memory. When I was little my mother and nana were super big into holistic care. My sister and I thought they were witches. One of the many concoctions they made us drink for our “health” was aloe vera juice. Let me tell you, this was not an easy task because it tasted HORRIBLE! Whenever my mother or nana would bring home the big yellowish tan jug, we would scattered and hide for our lives. As an adult, I can appreciate what they were doing, but boy o boy…. it took some years. LOL!
Here are a few simple beauty hacks to reap all of the benefits Aloe has to offer!


Take pure aloe vera juice and add a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil and/or lemon essential oil.  Swish it around your mouth after brushing your teeth. Spit out to reveal your gorgeous smile!
Benefit: Aloe vera reduces plaque and bacteria causing stinky breath.


Purchase an aloe vera leaf. Cut a piece off and then cut in half. Then apply the gelatin all over your face. Let dry and then go to sleep. In the morning rinse off your face to reveal smooth & lovely skin.
Benefit: Aloe vera is very hydrating and soothing to the skin. Plus, it has been proven to increase collagen production and skin elasticity.


Simply take an aloe vera leaf and split in half. Then take a spoon and scoop out all the delicious gelatin on the inside. Place this in a blender and then it will become like a liquid. After shampooing and conditioning your hair, add the aloe vera to your hair from root to tip. Then go to sleep. ***Place a towel over your pillow or sleep in a shower cap.*** In the morning, simply rinse your hair and style.
Benefit: Aloe vera is rich in antioxidants and natural vitamins, which nourish & promote healthy hair.


If the masque sounds like too much work, simply use aloe vera gel on your damp or air dryed hair to tame the frizz. Start with a little bit and then add more versus initially using too much.
Benefit: If you check out most conditioners and defrizzers, aloe vera is an ingredient. You are simply cutting out the middle guys as well as parabens and other ingredients you can’t pronounce.


If you have a powder based facial masque, foot masque, exfoliator simply add some aloe vera gel to make it a hydrating, skin soother packed with antioxidants.
Benefit: Add additional qualities to your already amazing products. For example, One Love Organics’ Brand New Day is a perfect masque to enhance with a little aloe. Add some aloe vera gel to make a hydrating & soothing face masque.


Simply dampen your legs or whatever body part you want to remove hair. Then apply your aloe vera gel and shave away.
Benefit: Aloe vera is a skin soother with anti-inflammatory properties, plus its super hyrdating!


After cleansing the skin and adding a light moisturizer, add a thin layer of aloe vera gel to your skin before applying your makeup.
Benefit: Aloe vera will not clog your pores and is a great light moisturizer for those with oily skin.
Be sure to get quality aloe vera gel and juice.  We recommend getting them from a health foods store such as Trader Joe’s, MOMs or Wholefoods. We can not take credit for all of these hacks. Below we have given credit, where credit is do. Otherwise, they are practices we have done over the years. There are many other applications, but wanted to give you all the opportunity to share too!
What unique and practical way have you used aloe vera gel or juice?
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Ok, let’s get started with some beauty buzz we are dying to share! We use beeswax in our moisturizing butters, and have plans to utilize honey in future products. The uses for honey in personal care are seemingly becoming more and more common, because of its amazing qualities and the eco-beauty movement.  Of all the tools in your beauty arsenal, it is quite literally nature’s best power player and these are my top three beauty hacks with raw honey.


You can easily ditch your face wash and simply use honey, because of its antibacterial & antimicrobial properties will rid your face of acne.  Honey aids in the balance of sebum (oil) and clarifies the skin.  Here’s a handy DIY recipe: Cinnamon honey treatment can be made with cinnamon powder and raw natural honey. It depends on if you want to make as a spot treatment or a facial masque. The more honey you add the more it will become a masque.


Toss your store bought expensive deep conditioner filled with ingredients you probably can’t pronounce and invest in nature’s best humectant.  Honey has such amazing moisturizing properties and it helps normalize your hair’s pH balance. The best thing about it is that you can play around with your own recipe, but here is one I found that sounds divine.
  • 2 tablespoons plain yogurt
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons raw, organic honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil
For more recipes, check out Hello Natural.


Again, honey is a humectant and a wonderful natural exfoliator.  Add a 1 tsp of brown sugar to 1 tbsp natural raw honey and gently scrub your lips in a circular motion. Rinse and wipe clean.  Your lips will be smooth, soft and sweet.  I like to add a lip bit more honey afterwards as a lip balm. You’re lips will shout THANK YOU! While your at it, you can simply exfoliate your face.
Honey has a variety of price points ranges from $1.50 – $40.00, but keep in mind you want quality raw honey. And if you can get it from a cruelty-free manufacturer, even better! It is truly a great investment and a very versatile product. Keep a stash of it in a in you house, because it can be used in tons of different ways.  Be sweet!
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Guest Blogger: AE Trinh

The uses for baking soda in personal care are seemingly endless. We love the benefits your skin reap for the common household item. Today, we have a guest blogger, AE Trinh, who a guru of skincare. She is going to tell share some of her beauty secrets using baking soda.
Of all the tools in your beauty arsenal, it is quite literally “the sandblaster” and these are my top three beauty hacks with baking soda.


Regular exfoliation is the key to brighter and smoother skin because you are physically removing dead skin cells which can accumulate inside wrinkles and exaggerate fine lines. Sloughing away dead skin cells also allows for better absorption of moisturizers and treatments to keep your skin supple and clear.
Baking soda makes a great base for any facial exfoliator. It can be used by itself right out of the box or added to your current facial cleanser. If you’re feeling creative you can even try making your own by adding other ingredients such as lemon juice, coconut oil, brown sugar, raw honey, etc… There are a variety of DIY recipes available online which can be adapted to your personal skin care needs.
It took me some time and experimentation to find the right ingredients for my own exfoliation formula. For example, I found coconut oil too greasy and raw honey too gooey. Also, a dry formula is ideal for me because water or cleanser can be added to create the consistency I prefer.
About once a week, after washing my face in the shower, I will shake out a small amount of my exfoliating polish into the palm of my wet hand and use the resulting fine paste to scrub my face – massaging the surface of my skin in gentle circular motions. For best results, I suggest using a soft bristled facial brush instead of your hands (make sure to keep it clean and dry between use to prevent any fungal or bacteria growth. After exfoliation, I sweep my face with toner on a cotton ball and apply a good moisturizer.


Baking soda makes an excellent teeth whitening treatment. I love tea, red wine, berries, and exotic curries, but even a healthy diet and lifestyle can leave us with stained teeth. To help keep surface stains at bay, I brush my teeth once a month with the following whitening treatment:
  • 1 teaspoons (5 mL) of 3% hydrogen peroxide (this is safe for oral use)
  • 2 teaspoons (8 mL) of baking soda
  • Toothpaste as needed to thicken and add flavor
Mix ingredients together in a small cup or dish and brush the paste onto your teeth in small, gentle circular motions for two minutes. Rinse the solution off your teeth with water and brush again with toothpaste alone to remove any remaining whitening treatment residue. Effective and reasonably priced!


Even though we wash our hair on a regular basis, sometimes it’s not enough to strip away all the styling products. Over time silicones, waxes, and moisturizes can still build up leaving hair dull, limp and hard to style. Think of clarifying shampoo as exfoliation for your hair.
There are many clarifying shampoos on the market, but baking soda is an affordable and effective alternative. About once a month, I will add a tablespoon of baking soda to the amount of shampoo I normally use to wash my hair – making sure to massage my scalp to slough away impurities and product residue. Then I finish with conditioner and towel dry. Giving your hair a good scrub down with baking soda will also prep your hair to better absorb any deep conditioning mask or color treatment to follow. As a shampoo additive, use baking soda sparingly if your hair is dry or already color treated.
Baking soda is an extremely inexpensive and versatile product. Keep a stash of it in a waterproof container in your shower caddy for easy access and regular use. The more a diamond is polished, the brighter is shines!
About the author:
After personally searching — with limited success — for products to protect, nourish, and rejuvenate her adult skin, A.E. Trinh did what any budding entrepreneur would do, she decided to create them herself. Ms. Trinh’s affordable all-natural anti-aging and skin care products are based on ancient practice combined with modern knowledge using many of the same ingredients found in top selling luxury brands.
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