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From Feet to Face



WE LOVE SELFCARE! And soaking our feet is one of our favorite practices. It has become a ritual whenever we soak our feet, there is always some type of care done to the face. They almost go hand in hand in our self care routine. It only makes sense that our must haves revolve around the idea of making the next 15 minutes as soothing and relaxing as possible. Here are our must haves...


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Spring is here and its the perfect time of year to purge and regroup. Most of us are thinking about Spring Cleaning and organizing the house. Well, we are too but simply focusing on our feet. It's the perfect time to do a thorough exfoliation and detox, to freshen up our hibernating winter feet.


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Many of us have heard of antioxidant serums, but most of us don't correlate them with our feet. Our feet are the hardest working body part and typically the most neglected in our society. Well, we are here to educate you on some very important facts on why you should focus on anti-aging foot care starting today...


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Happy first day of Summer. It's the perfect time of year to think about your feet. Everyday life, products and elements expose us to toxins. Some are not avoidable and some are, which is why it's import to use products that remove unnecessary toxins. In addition to being a more conscious consumer, it's important that we perform detoxifying foot baths.

Detox foot baths can help you all year long. The baths don't have to be only hot water, there are benefits to cold water foot baths too. Some benefits to performing a detox foot bath can be...

  • better sleep
  • increase your immune system
  • more energy
  • overall better foot care
  • aid in the relief of muscle pain & swelling
  • removes built up dead skin

Overall, there are different products you can use to target your detox, but the end result and main principle of detoxification is to remove toxins and make your body and feet feel better.

We use key ingredients in our foot soaks like Dead Sea salt, Himalayan salt, Epsom, plus three skin softeners. We use ingredients that intense the penetration of all of the yummy goodness to really feed your skin and feet. Our foot salts are just as amazing, plus we use a blend of therapeutic grade essential oils that focus on aches & pains. Flower Power foot tea is a herbs & flower blend featuring Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, Rosehip and Spearmint to reduce inflammation and increase circulation.

Our blends focus specifically to the needs of your feet. All of our pedisoaks feature a detoxifying element that can be paired with our detoxifying foot masque and antioxidant foot serum to really put some pep in your step. Or simply try our Grounded Detox Kit. If you ever have any questions about what items will best suit your foot needs, contact us at

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Today is National Salt Day! We wanted to share with you our love for salt and why it plays such an important role in our business. Keep reading to find out the different type of salts, their benefits and our special we are running in honor of today.

We are big fans of SALT and using our best Bubba from Forest Gump voice, we like coarse salt, medium salt, fine salt, Himalayan salt, Lava salt, Salt from the Dead Sea and honorary Epsom salt (which everyone knows its really not a salt). We love it all and we use these very salts in our lovely products. Let's get started on the common benefits:

  • Detoxifies the skin and feet
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Kills germs and bacteria
  • Aids in the prevention of ingrown toenails
  • Soften and remove calluses and rough skin
  • Makes for a great exfoliator
  • Decreases inflammation

We want you to reap all of these bennies and more, which is why we incorporate SALT in our Foot polishes, Foot soaks and Foot Salts. Find out more on why we chose to use Salt vs. Sugar in our polishes. The use of SALT as a healing force dates way back and our love affair with SALT just keeps getting better. Are you using salt in your beauty care regimen?

In honor of National Salt Day, we are running a special of 25% off all Salt-based products. Use code: RELAX25. Expires 5/18 @ 11:59pm EST. Our products are perfect for home use or tote to your local nail salon. Simple give our products to your local pedicurist or nail salon to be used in placed of their products. All of London's Pedisoaks foot care products are truly natural with natural preservatives, natural fragrance and natural coloring. Check out our website to read some reviews of our most popular items.

Again Happy National Salt Day! How do you plan on using salt today?

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We were asked why not sugar... The response is very simple. We are sweet enough.

No seriously, sugar granules are typically...

  • smaller
  • more uniform
  • typically rounded
  • less abrasive
  • dissolves easily
  • contain natural glycolic acid
  • moisturizing

This results in a gentle and softer exfoliation. Dry skin areas such as elbows, knees and feet need a more intense exfoliation to remove dead skin and rough patches. Salt is perfect for such an exfoliation!

Salt granules are typically...

  • sharper edges
  • more abrasize
  • therapeutic qualities
  • increases circulation
  • detoxifying
  • muscle relaxatants
  • tighten skin

They both have their pros and cons but when its comes to feet and rough spots like elbows and knees... Salt has it!

We love salt! Dead Sea salt, Pink Himalayan salt and Lava salt are our top three favorites! So why do we chose salt for our scrubs? Salt is an excellent exfoliator, they detoxifier, purifier, natural antiseptic and stimulates blood circulation.

 This is the very reason why our crowd pleasing Pink Power polish and Blackened Peppermint polish are both made with Dead Sea salt. Since salt can be drying we infused our scrub with powerful moisturizers such as avocado butter, jojoba oil and coconut oil.

Don't believe us? Try it out for yourself! Your feet will thank you!

Love Your Feet Today.

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Most of us now full throttle after the new year. We are back to work. We are back to our regular routines. We are for the most part done with all of the merriment of eating and drink with the ones we love. So now what? We feel sluggish, yucky and need to detox. Well we have some great tips that will make it simple, easy and pleasant.

We have three easy ways to detox after the new year.


Sometimes we know the answers to the our own questions, but we need to hear it over and over. The most economical way to detox is simply drink water. Not 8 ounces or even 64 ounces. Your goal needs to be a gallon of water a day. This amount of water is going to flush your system of everything.

Yes, you will need to urinate frequently.

Yes, it is not easy to do.

Yes, you will feel amazing.

Do this for a week and you will see results you could never imagine, simply from drinking more water.


It can be exhausting from all the traveling, family festivities and gathering of friends. We are non-stop from October to January with all the holiday cheer. Let's take a moment and wooooowsa by allowing your mind to be rid of stress, to do's and our hopes for the new year. We challenge you to quiet your mind by simplifying your thoughts.

Here is the exercise:

1. Sit down and write down all of the things you wanted to do in 2016 that you didn't accomplish.

2. Rip up the list. Let go of these things that burden you mind to free you up for today.

3. On the next day preferably in the morning, write down 3 realistic goals you have for your current day.

4. Now rip up this list (just kidding). Only focus on these three goals for the entire day.

5. At night, acknowledge what you accomplished and let go of what you didn't get done. Don't carry burdens over with you each day. This type of stress causes crow's feet (just kidding again).

Simply focus on achieving your list and not what the next list will be for tomorrow. Be present and don't beat yourself up.

Yes, you will feel silly for writing a list and then ripping it up.

Yes, it will take practice for you to only write three realistic goals.

Yes, by learning how to quiet your mind and focus on three goals at a time, you will feel more focused.


Get grounded in more ways than one by taking care of yourself. We want to help you with a stress detoxification. We have a great detox kit that includes Soothing Foot Teat (Flower Power), Detoxifying Foot Masque (Seaing Green) and a Antioxidant Foot Spray (Get Grounded) that will make the stress in your life melt away. You will be surprised by taking time for yourself how much better you will feel.

Yes, by treating your feet it will affect the rest of your body.

Yes, you will need to set aside some me time.

Yes, you & your feet will feet calm, soothed and amazing.

So why not get fancy and do all three of these, because it is totally doable and in 2017 we are sure we could all use a little extra TLC.

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