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This is our first Selfcare Sunday post of the Year! We have been dying to share some of our finds. We have some amazing brands to share with you that are revolutionary and we got to link up with at Beauty Squared - Winter Edit.  Here are some of our fresh picks and Spring line up that has a common theme refreshing and clean.

TERRA & CO Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste: Love the taste and how it makes your teeth feel clean while whitening them.

BOTANIC FARM Precious Elements Snow Mask: This sheet Mask has a clean and simple scent. It let my skin feeling refreshed and moisturized after 10 minutes. 

NIU BODY Exfoliating Clay Mask: This Mask has no scent, which is refreshing. Plus, it clarifies and exfoliates. The easy, clean residue free rinse is an added bonus.

All of these lovely get the job done with making you feel super clean. And of course we love our green beauty products. What’s on your agenda for today?

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