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What if we told you there is one simple secret to amazingly soft feet. It's incredibly easy and most of us make the common mistake of thinking the answer is a pumice. We were just as guilty, but a recent discovery has shown us another way.

We could drag on and on and leave you in pure suspense, but why bother. The answer is plain & simple. The secret to amazingly soft feet is moisturization. But, you have to do it the right way. Pumices have long fooled us into believing they were helping our feet become smooth and callus free. Only to have in a few days, rough heels again. Why is this only allowing a temporary fix?

The answer is quite simple. Pumices and foot files typically shred your skin. After soaking your feet or getting a pedicure it is not noticeable, but the moment your skin becomes dry again, you notice your heels snagging your bed sheets.

Here is a step by step guide to get amazingly soft feet with little effort:

  1. Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes. Our soak formulation removes dead skin and softens your feet.
  2. Remove dead skin with a exfoliating mitt.
  3. Next, polish or scrub feet with a salt-based exfoliator. Salt is best because the type of skin on our feet. It's important to use a scrub to ensure that all dead skin is removed to allow your moisturizer to fully penetrate the skin. <Click here for a recent review of our foot polish.>
  4. Last and certain not the least, you need to moisturize. We recommend two different options. Option one: If you use a cream or butter, make sure the first ingredient is not water. You don't want to trick your skin. <Did know that London's Pedisoaks just won an award on our Nourishing Butter? We did!>
  5. Option two: you can do a more emollient option, which is a salve. Salves are wonderful, since they typically have a wax in the formulation. Our salve has beeswax, which is wonderful for keeping moisture into skin, along with being a miracle worker for dry skin.

By avoiding the use of a pumice, you will not have the dreaded hard or rough spots so many of us get after a fresh pedicure. We recommend following these steps and in between doing all steps, simply do steps 3 and 4. We are confident you will get long lasting soft feet.

*Bonus tip: Most women wear shoes with any socks or panty hose. These items actually protect the feet and prevent unnecessary friction. This friction or rubbing can cause unwanted calluses or blisters. Try to wear socks more often. There are some pretty slick invisible socks that go nicely with flats and pumps. These do wonders to keep the feet nice and soft as well.

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