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During our trial test, our testers' biggest dilemma was not being able to find time for a soak. Everyone is always on the go go go and it's hard to sit down and relax.  Well, we have compiled a simple list of the best times to do a pedisoak!
1. WATCHING TV: Before you veg out with your weekly episode of Masterchef or our favorite Netflix movie, grab your pedisoak and your foot bucket and get ready to soak.
2. READING A BOOK: It doesn't matter if you are reading to your lil one or for your own enjoyment! It will add to the relaxing effect of reading.
3. AFTER A LONG COMMUTE OR EXERCISE: Alleviate your achy & pained feet with any of our three signature soaks to soothe, indulge & relax!
4. BEFORE BED: Yup! All of our soaks are aromatherapeutic with luscious scents of lavender, chamomile or jasmine, which will relax your entire being.  Answer your emails or do your online shopping while your soak!
5. AFTER A PEDICURE: Extend the life of your pedicure by doing a pedisoak about 7-10 days after your pedicure.
Here are a few of the best times to do a soak.  We recommend soaking your tootsies for 15 - 20 minutes. At the end of your soak, you can either pat your feet dry or for super soft feet use your foot pumice to remove extra dry skin. Moisturize & viola! Happy feet. Happy person.

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