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Getting ready for a special occasion is such a happy yet stressful time because you want everything to be perfect. Well, we are gong to share with you the #1 mistake people make during special occasions and how to fix the issue. Keep reading...


A special occasion can vary in scale from your wedding day to an anniversary or gala event. There is always seems to be an occasion to glam up our nails. But there is a common mistake made by so many women, which ends in a mix of emotions. 

The most common mistake is that women try something new that is not necessarily their style for the sake of trying something new.  It's completely ok to get your traditional and classic French manicure versus the super edgy black matte nails seen in the latest magazine. If you are going to add something new do something small like do a color for your French Manicure versus the classic white. Another option is add a cute jewel or accent finger.

Two more tips before we let you go and enjoy your holidays.

TIPS #1 Try to get your pedicure close to Christmas and get a color that can be cute for both Christmas and New Year Holiday parties. We suggest a classic metallic in the shades of Silverbells or 5 Golden Rings. You simply can't go wrong because metallics go with everything.

TIP #2 Take your own nail polish to get your manicure so you can easily touch up your toes in the case  of any accidents or chipping.

Now you are ready to "sleigh all of your holiday parties. We hope you will be able to use at least one of our tips to step happily into the new year.  Happy Holidays!

photo credit  Find out 15 Holiday Shoes

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